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I last used my 2006 Winnie View last year but exercise it every

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I last used my 2006 Winnie View last year but exercise it every few months. Last month it was working fine. Today I was getting it ready for a trip and things are not so good.

I have several indicator lights lit up as follows. First, the Acceleration Skid Control light (the exclamation symbol in the triangle located in the upper part of the Speedometer. Also, the Antilock Brake System Malfunction light, the Engine Control Unit Malfunction light and the Acceleration Skid Control Malfunction light are all lit when driving the vehicle.

I am able to drive the vehicle and the Speedometer DOES NOT work but the tachometer works fine. The electronic transmission does not shift automatically nor can I get to change gears manually. It will go into Reverse fine and into Drive fine as well a N and Park. It seems that the transmission is in 2nd or 3rd gear when in Drive and the vehicle will drive at about 30mph @ 2500-3000rpm.

i looked closely in the engine compartment and under the engine for a disconnected wire or sensor and found nothing. I was not able to look closely at the transmission. Any clues as to what is going on or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
I see you are having trouble. I will try to help. Sometimes the vehicles computer can get confused and simply needs reset. You can do this by removing the positive and negative terminal on the engines battery for 10 minutes. Give this a try and let me know what happens and we will go from there.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Did as you suggested with both the positive and negative battery terminals, twice. Also checked the fuses to the Engine Control Unit and ASB. Also, checked that headlamps, turn signals and brake lights work. All OK. Nothing has changed as far as the faults in my original message. I look forward to hearing from you.

Ok the next thing that needs to be checked is the fuses. The easiest way to check these without pulling each fuse is with a test light. If you do not have one of these you can get one at any auto parts stores or walmart for about $5. Also a volt meter will work. Ground the black probe to a metal object on the vehicle and use the red probe to probe the little metal tabs you see sticking up through the plastic fuse housing. With the key on you should have power on both sides of the fuse. Some fuses will have no power on either side don't worry about these, but if you find one that has power on one side but not the other it is a blown fuse. Test the fuses and let me know what you find.
If you are able to drive the vehicle to one of the big name parts stores they will scan for free to see if there are any codes present. This will help if you can do this. If so write down the codes and let me know what they are. It could be that you just have a bad speed sensor and the transmission doesn't know when to shift. The codes will tell us this.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I checked the fuses and cannot find any blown fuses. I did get my 2006 Winnie View scanned and here is what I am told are the codes.

2209, 2333, 2227, 0900, 2310, 2404


I am being told that the first four are in reference to the Engine Control Unit and the last two are in reference to the Transmission Control.


The diagnosis I am getting is that the ABS Module has a short and will cost $2,750 to replace, in addition to Turbo resonator hose leakage ($300 replacement) and add to this labor, tax and fee of about $1,000.


WOW! Apparently the speed sensor is working. It all appears to focus around the ABS module.


Does this make sense to you? I'm curious of your opinion. BTW, thanks for guiding me through some of this. I now have to consider giving the OK to get the work done. Your input and advice is appreciated.



Wow that's about enough money to pay for a trip anywhere in the us. I hate that your having trouble just before your trip. I feel your grief as I am a motorhome owner as well. I have a older Toyota escaper that I restored. We one day hope to upgrade to a Winnebago view. I have researched these codes and it could be the abs controller but I can't verify that without having my hands on it with a volt meter performing various tests. Neither can they so I would make sure to put it in the hands of someone qualified to do the ground work to make sure this is the problem. This is an expensive repair I wouldn't want to have to foot the bill and especially not have to foot the bill and it still not fix the problem. This is basically a dodge sprinter so a dodge dealer should be able to diagnose. It may pay to get a second opinion.
I just called the dodge dealer and they list 2 different abs controllers the most expensive lists for 2,025.00 and it wholesales at 1,620.00. I asked the service department about labor and they said 150.00 so it sounds like they are making a good lick on you. I would let them know that you know how much it costs and try to get them to give you a break if not I am sure you can search the internet and get it cheaper. If you can stand the thoughts of a used one these can be had for a couple hundred bucks. I hope I have helped you. If so don't forget to give me a positive rating and accept my answer so I can get credit for it. Good luck and happy travels.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

The module I'm told needs to be replace is a Sprinter p/n(NNN) NNN-NNNNA and supposedly lists for $2,750. Is that the same one you were looking at? I also wonder what their labor costs would be. This would have to be done at a certified Dodge service shop with certified technicians to evaluate the cost. Any guidance on those issues?

I will double check the price of the module but I do know that their labor is $150.00 They only list 2 modules for the vehicle one list for $1500.00 and the other is $2025.00 I will get them to run the part number to be sure.
Hi I just called the dodge dealer about your part number and it does indeed list for $2750.00 and wholesales for $2475.00. And the labor is 150.00. Since it is only available from the dealer it looks like your only option is to pay the high price or buy a used one from a salvage yard. I know that one doesn't want to be broken down on a trip however you can probably buy 2 used units for 300.00 and have a spare to keep in the motorhome. Dodge dealers are plentiful along the interstate and the 2450.00 you save would buy plenty nights in a motel room. This unit can be replaced by any garage as long as it doesn't have to be reprogramed. Good luck and thanks for using just answer
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