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hilltop4527, Auto Service Technician
Category: Car
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Experience:  Independent repair shop owner/operator experience with many makes and models both foreign and domestic.
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Suzuki: I have a 2005 Suzuki XL 7. The air conditioner clutch

Customer Question

I have a 2005 Suzuki XL 7. The air conditioner clutch will not energize. The led on the a/c switch turns on ,but the clutch will not go in. I checked for voltage at the clutch and there was nothing.I measured the resistance of the clutch and I got 6.4 k ohms. The lead from the clutch is white with red. I followed it to the firewall,but lost it after that.
Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Car
Expert:  hilltop4527 replied 3 years ago.

hilltop4527 :

Hi I see you are having some trouble. I will try to help.

hilltop4527 :

The white with red wire runs to the A/C compressor relay. The first thing that needs to be checked is fuses. Then you need to check the relays. A lot of times you will find 2 of the same relays in the fuse box so that you can swap the a/c relay relay with the fuel pump relay for example. You can tell if they are the same by looking at them and comparing the part numbers that are on them. If you would please check the fuses and then swap the relay if there is another identical relay and let me know what you find. This is some simple things to check before we get into running down wires. But I have access to the schematic and I will help you diagnose your problem but it will more than likely require the use of a test light or volt meter.

JACUSTOMER-n7xj18vi- : Do you have an answer for this
JACUSTOMER-n7xj18vi- : Where are the relays located ? Under the dash or hood?
hilltop4527 :

The relay should be under the hood in the box behind the air filter housing. The fuse should also be in that box. I will try to locate the exact fuse for you.

hilltop4527 :

The fuse is in the main fuse box. I believe this is under the hood as well. The fuse for the A/C compressor is in position #5 and is a 25 Amp fuse. Check these out and let me know what you find. Thanks

JACUSTOMER-n7xj18vi- : The fuse checks good
hilltop4527 :

Ok have you checked to see if the a/c relay has an identical one you may swap with?

JACUSTOMER-n7xj18vi- : Aim not Sure which one is the a/c relay there is one marked CPRSR
hilltop4527 :

Yes that stands for compressor relay.

JACUSTOMER-n7xj18vi- : The leads that energize the relay they are pink with silver mark and green with yellow . When I measure the voltage without the relay I get 10.6. When I insert the relay I get nothing
JACUSTOMER-n7xj18vi- : P
hilltop4527 :

Give me a minute let me look at the schematic.

hilltop4527 :

I think the problem is the relay is there another relay in the box that you can swap with the a/c relay?

JACUSTOMER-n7xj18vi- : Is there a way to. Get a schematic .just so you know the car was working fine a week ago Sunday and on Monday I went on vacation for a week and this morning was the first I drove it since I have been home. Is there any thing to the sun load sensor?
JACUSTOMER-n7xj18vi- : I did swap relays and nothing happened. I no that I lose voltage when I plug in either relay
hilltop4527 :

ok remove the relay and see if the yellow and green wire has power when the a/c switch is on and see if it loses power when the switch is off. this will verify that the signal is being sent to the relay

JACUSTOMER-n7xj18vi- : I am going to have to call it quits. It is raining here and I am out side. Will I only be charged for this one time. Thanks for your help
hilltop4527 :

yes. I will still be here to help. I wish I could upload you a schematic but I can't do that from my program. But here is how the relay works. There are 4 wires at the relay. The yellow/green is signal from the heat/ac unit this could be power or ground use your meter to determine. the pink goes to the ecm(computer) to let it know to idle the engine up to compensate for the load of the compressor. The red/black should have power at all times and the white/red is power going out to the compressor. Let me know what you figure out. thank you for using just answer.

hilltop4527 :

Hi there were you able to test the wires?