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Experience:  Ten years experience, ASE Master and Advanced Level Specialist certifications. 2006 Winner National Ford/AAA Student Auto Skills
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Ford Explorer 4x2: I have bought from summit racing the following

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I have bought from summit racing the following brake pads, and after three days of installation the whistle at the end of any brake is unbeliedable for a new brake and rotors.


What can I do to stope the noise? The installation was really easy, like a normal Rotors and brake pads replacement. Also use LCT-40299DISC BRAKE QUIET 9G.

Ford Explorer XLT 2008 4.6L/281
How many miles has it been since you installed the pads and rotors? Where did you apply the Brake Quiet?

I know that the ebc yellowstuff pads are really good brake pads for performance and stopping power. However, there are trade offs that come with performance pads. Usually in the form noise and brake dust.

May I suggest trying to make several medium to hard stops from around 30mph. This can help to get some heat into the pads and seat them in. Make sure you on a safe low traffic road to avoid getting rear ended. I prefer to use a large empty parking lot of a closed business.
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Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Came back to stock pads and the noise is gone. Soon when I get some time I will sand paper the EBC pads and try again.
Good luck with the reseating of the pads. You might get them quieter but I doubt they will be as quiet as stock pads.
ClayA and other Car Specialists are ready to help you

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