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Fiat 500 pop: I just bought a 2013 fiat a few months ago and

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I just bought a 2013 fiat a few months ago and the acceleration hesitates a few seconds. I use premium chevron gas. What could be causing this? The service department could not figure it out. The car didn't do it at first. I was told by service that these cars tend to have hesitant acceleration when carrying a load. I emptied the trunk. Didn't help. I have size 16 custom wheels on it which are probably a little heavier than the stock wheels but it shouldn't affect the car like I'm experiencing.

Hello and welcome to JustAnswer!


Is this something that has always been this way or is it something that suddenly started? I have been unimpressed with the low RPM power output and acceleration of this engine (especially with a manual transmission), which is why I ask. If it has been the same way since you bought it then I would say you are probably feeling something normal. If it suddenly started doing something different though then there is obviously something wrong.


I see that you have aftermarket wheels on the car. If the tires were replaced at the same time and they are larger than the originals then this will also cause a lack of low end acceleration.


What I would recommend is either have another dealer take a look at the car and see if they can find anything, or ride in another like vehicle and see if it has the same condition. If the dealer can show you that other vehicles act the same way then you know it's normal, if others won't do it then you have proven to them that there is something wrong with your car and it needs to be diagnosed properly.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

The dealer gave me a loaner car to drive when my car was in service, which they had it for a week and didn't fix anything. The loaner was the same model and it drove way better. Thr problem did not start right away. I changed the tires and wheels back to the originals and that didn't help either and now the car shakes at speeds of 60+ mph. It's the worst car by far that I've ever bought. I hate it. It's only 5 months old with 4, 700 miles on it. It's under warranty but it's still a big hassle having to take it in all the time because of dealing with these problems in a car that is supposed to be brand new.

I do understand how it's a hassle to have to take it in repeatedly.

Since the problem wasn't always there then you know it isn't a normal condition. I would recommend either another dealer or take a technician, service manager or both out in your car and show them exactly what you are feeling and want repaired. If they tell you that it's normal then you can ask to ride in another car and show them that it isn't.

It's nearly 2 AM here and I have to be up for work at 6, I won't be online for much longer tonight. If you reply after I am offline I'll get it first thing in the morning.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Well the acceleration seems to be back to normal. I do notice a pretty big difference now that the car is back to stock. The custom wheels seem to have messed up the car though because it still shakes at higher speeds and is worst on the freeway. I thought it was the bigger wheels causing it but it still happens. And the tire pressure monitoring isn't connected now. Could the custom wheels have cause the alignment to be off after driving with them for a period of time because they would really be shaky on the freeway? And do you know how I can get the tire pressure monitoring back or do I need to take it in for them to fix that?
How long were the aftermarket wheels on the car?

Do you have tire pressure sensors in the wheels that you just reinstalled? I'm assuming you just removed and stored the original tires and wheels and have just taken them from storage and put them back on?

Customer: replied 3 years ago.
The aftermarket ones were on there for about a month I'd say.

Yes, that's correct. When the aftermarket wheels were on there though, the tire pressure monitoring was available.
The sensors all have a unique ID so the wireless ignition node (WIN) knows what sensor is in what position. They'll normally transmit their ID and position after being driven ten minutes over 15 MPH. Sometimes they'll report quickly and sometimes it takes ten minutes or more driving to get it to go. I'm assuming you've driven further than this by now. Make sure that you're driving steadily over 15 MPH, they may not report if you're in stop and go situations.

If they refuse to go on their own then a tire pressure monitor testing tool can be used to retrieve the ID from each sensor and then a scan tool can be used to program the ID's in the WIN.

On the vibration issue I would start by checking the balance on the tires, possibly having them road forced balanced which checks the tires and wheels for being out of round. The aftermarket wheels really shouldn't have done anything to the car to cause a vibration.
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