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Saturn Vue: Sometimes after a drive of around 10 to 15 or more

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Sometimes after a drive of around 10 to 15 or more miles, my 2003 Vue, 6 cyl., won't restart for a good 10 minutes. All of the dash lights/indicators are on as normal when this happens. It is as if the wiring to the starter circuit is disconnected. Help!
Hi Tom .

This could well be the crankshaft sensor ,this is a known issue with the crankshaft sensor that when they short out you have a starting issue when hot and once cooled off will then restart .

A good way to check this is when you are trying to start the engine and it will not start then take a look at the Rev counter it should show 250rpm +/- 50rpm.
If it does not move replace the cam sensor .

Rgds Greg
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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

OH. OK, it looks like I did a lousy job of explaining the problem. When I said that "It is as if the wiring to the starter circuit is disconnected", I meant that the starter does not turn. Like no juice is getting to it!

Fact is, the crankshaft sensor has been replaced quite a while back for the kind of problem you just answered for me, and that happened mainly when I stopped for always happened only at the pump. Go figure. But now it is as if someone removed my starter (or something in the circuit, or something) and put it back in 10 minutes later.

Is there such a thing as a fuseable link connecting this thing??



Hi .

Next time you have a no start issue see if you can get to the starter motor and jump the "S" wire with the main battery cable if the starter still does not work repair the starter motor ,if it does work then check the starter relay ,when trying to start does it click .

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

It does not click. So I will look to try your suggestion the next time. Thanks. It might be tomorrow night, or Friday night. Will keep in touch.



Hi Tom .

No problem get back to me when you have tried this .

Rgds Greg
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hey, Greg, I just realized that I don't know where the starter motor or relay are; more importantly: how to access them -- from top or bottom. Nothing on the web is showing me any pictures of them. I'm stuck.


Here is the location for the stater on your engine .



Relay is in the underhood relay and fuse box .

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Greg, I think I'm giving up.

I've decided that my starter is where I can't get to it, since I don't have a lift or jack stands. Likely I will never get my hands on the S connector.


Also, thinking back, I have already tried swapping the relay with another identical relay in the under hood fuse box.


If there is no other way to isolate this problem, I will have to wait until I can afford a mechanic.


On the other hand, is there another end of the Starter cable that is easier for me to get to? And where and how?




Hi Tom .

We need to know if you are getting power on the "S" wire at the starter motor .

The chances is that you do have a bad starter motor as this is a known fact that once hot the carbon bushes short out not allowing the starter to engage.

This is a simple job that AutoZone could do and check for you .

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Rgds Greg
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thanks. That's a good lead. I'll check with Auto Zone 8-).


Your welcome Tom .

You may get back to me anytime .

Kindest regards Greg