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Hyunda Sonata: My timing belt was replaced 18 months ago at

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My timing belt was replaced 18 months ago at my 120,000 service. My car just broke down at 141,000 miles and the mechanic (different one than the 120K service) says it needs a new Timing belt, radiator and some hoses. Should I call the previous mechanic at the dealership and make them replace the timing belt for free? I only drive to and from work about 300 miles a week on highways...

do you know if they replaced the timing belt tensioner, idler pulley, and water pump when the timing belt was replaced?

They would have been itemized on your repair bill
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

They did belt-valve timing ($120), tensioner timing (93.18) in parts at the same time (December 2011) Since then they fixed some fuses in the radio and dashboard lights, fixed some wiring issue with the airbag connector, oil change (March 2012), oil change including filter and gasket, (July 2012) and PA state inspection, oil changes, etc in Feb 2013. Car had some white smoke then all lights went on and I was able to pull over. After about 15 minutes, I was able to restart the car and get it into a parking lot about 1 mile away, then the same thing happened (85 degree day, had the air on, turned it off when I saw the smoke) had to tow it to the nearest mechanic, as the dealer who did the rest of the work was 20 miles away.


Ok, what needs to be determined is why the timing belt broke. If it broke due to the new tensioner failing or new belt failing, then the dealer that did the work will be responsible for the repair.

However, if it is determined that the water pump, which is timing belt driven, has failed, which will break the timing belt, then they are not responsible.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

the current mechanic did not mention anything about having to replace a water would I know if it failed?


I think I am going to call the dealer and say that the timing belt needs to be replace and ask if at least they can foot the bill to tow the car from the current mechanic to the dealership to look at it....would that seem fair?


It depends on how deep he is into getting to the timing belt as to whether he can determine the cause, including the water pump. the timing belt has to be removed and the water pump pulley checked for having seized or bearings come apart to know if it is responsible.

the best course would be to call them and have them tow it to the dealer at their expense to inspect it and go from there. If they say no, then have the shop it is at document their findings in writing and then take this to the dealership general manager and inform them that they need to stand by their repair warranty or you will have to sue them in small claims court
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