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Nissan Patrol: I have a nissan patrol 4.8 petrol Y68 2001 model.

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I have a nissan patrol 4.8 petrol Y68 2001 model. I have recently had the transmission replaced with a new AT. Unfortunately the problem I previously had is still with me.
The AT Ignition light continues to flash when starting and generally fells like we are starting in 3rd gear. On some occasions when we have travelled a few kilometers the rev counter will go to about 3 to 4000 revs. At which stage I stop the car and on restarting the AT seems to reset itself and all is well until the next time the above problem occurrs.
We are towing a caravan but regardless of whether we are towing or not the problem is the same. Any suggestions

Hello and welcome to JustAnswer!


I see your question has been up for an extended time without a response, and while Nissan isn't my area of greatest expertise I would like to try to help.


Assuming the transmission was replaced with a known good unit then the problem could be with wiring or the module that controls the transmission. It will either be controlled by the powertrain control module (PCM) which also controls the engine, or it could be controlled by a dedicated transmission control module (TCM).


THe first step in diagnosing this problem is going to be using a scan tool or code reader to see what fault codes are setting. It sounds as if the transmission is going into a limp-in because the TCM or PCM is seeing a problem that it thinks could cause potential damage or it thinks it doesn't have complete control over the trans. It will set a fault code when this happens and that can be used as a starting point for diagnosis.


The problem could be a wiring issue between the trans and module. There are shift solenoids and sensors that are monitored and controlled by the module and an open or short on any of the wires will cause this.


If the module is failing internally or it is losing a power or ground feed and shutting down it will also cause this.


It's definitely possible that there could be a problem with the replacement trans also, whether it's a remanufactured or a used unit. It may have the same or a different issue as the original but is producing the same symptoms.

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