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daew lanos: some time in the morning when I start the car,

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some time in the morning when I start the car, there is a squeezing noice from the fin-belt, and after i turn the air conditioner off the noice is off, or when I put more gas to rise the rpm, than the noice is out. do you thing is the belt is too lose or some thing is wrong with the air compressor.
thank you

9 times out of 10 it's either a loose belt or the belt needs to be replaced. Since it's 13 years old, i would recommend having the belt replaced. I really do NOT think it is a bad compressor.

Best wishes!

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I just replace the belt, could it be the belt is too tight?

thank you

Your welcome,

No, it won't be too tight. It is just a little bit too loose.(make sure it doesn't have any grease on it)

The compressor is like a little engine and it really puts a strain on the belt so it has to be good and tight. Go ahead and tighten it up and i bet it takes care of it.


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