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Buick LaCrosse CXL: Yesterday morning while driving to work

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Yesterday morning while driving to work all of the gauges went to zero - tachometer, speedometer, fuel, temp - (the car was running fine, and still does) the dashboard then seemed to reboot - the various warning lights came on, then went off, then everything went back to normal for about 20 more miles, then all of the gauges went back to zero and stayed there. The car starts and stops just fine; the turn signals work outside the car (just no indicator on the dash). On the way home, over about 25 miles
my instruments sporadically indicated what i think were true conditions - my tach worked for a while, then the temp gauge, then the odometer, then briefly everything came back. I was hoping it was a loose wire, but wiggling the wires under the hood near the fire wall had no effect. Any ideas? Any hope still for a loose wire vs. replacing the computer?

Hello, I'm Chris. Thanks for visiting Just Answer.


Sorry for the long wait.

Many techs have looked at your post and have not felt comfortable helping. This area of concern is not my strongest point but I will try to help as best I can at least with some information. I have access to a lot of repair guides so I should be able to at least do something to aid you if your still needing help and willing to let me try.

Once I post an answer you will be prompted to rate me, not the site or wait time, or the news in my answer. Please let me know exactly what you need from me so I can earn a good rating.



Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hello Chris, thank you for responding to my question.

I have some experience with control systems and would feel a bit silly taking my car to the dealership so another (as opposed to me) electrician finds some dangling wire. I tried to locate a repair manual online so that I could look at a wiring diagram and some sort of physical location where the signals I can no longer see link to my dashboard - no luck there, sadly. (Amazon had a set of used service shop repair manuals available for $260, but I hate to spend that to discover my only real option is the service dept of my Buick dealer)

Do you have access to this sort of info? I was imagining some sort of terminal block under the hood - makes sense that the environment of an automotive engine would not allow that, but it would make troubleshooting much easier,lol . So, if possible, I would like :

* a wiring diagram showing the dashboard indicators

* some information regarding the physical location of the wires that carry signals to the dashboard indicators


I don't own any specialized automotive connector tools - I'm guessing that a visit to the dealership is inevitable, but likely less expensive if I can hunt down the faulty connection...


Again, I appreciate your help - I miss my gauges...



Normally this concern is related to the instrument cluster being faulty, or a voltage issue from a charging system concern or issue with the connector at the cluster making poor connection or having loose pins. Below is the cluster wire diagram.

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