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F250 6.0L Ford diesel It seems to get wet or something and

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F250 6.0L Ford diesel It seems to get wet or something and then no throttle response at all until it sets for a half a day. Could it be possible that the ficm is over heating. It seems odd that a diesel could get wetand cause this. It idles fine when this happens just no throtle response.
I take it that after a rain the engine will only idle and there is no throttle response at all, is this correct? The FICM module is located on the drivers side valve cover just below the hood and cowl joining line and its possible the sealing gasket on the cowl is allowing water in directly on top of the Ficm and causing a short in the wiring connectors. Let me know and we can go from there,
Thank You,
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
This truck is used on the ranch so it sees alot of off road use in water, mud, and snow. Is there any other thing I could check that may cause this?
Ford has had a lot of problems with the wiring harness on the 6.0 , if you had a scan tool that could read live data it would help resolve the problem. I would start with a close inspection of all the engine wiring harness leading to the FICM module first, look closely for chafing and exposed wiring. Look up under the dash where the throttle pedal is, it goes to a variable switch which actually sends the signal to the computer as to how much throttle is being called for, look for signs of damage,corrosion or chafed wiring.
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