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isuzu trooper: I have an ISUZU TROOPER 3.0 td a while ago I

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I have an ISUZU TROOPER 3.0 td a while ago I had a new alternator fitted ,since then there is a ticking from behind the steering wheel in the dash . The engine runs ok but overruns slightly when you switch off and the check engine light has come on .Although the engine runs ok its just not as good as it was.

Andy3221 :

Hi there my name is XXXXX XXXXX I'd like to try and help. When you say that you have a new alternator fitted on the vehicle, was this alternator looked up properly at the parts store. Are you sure this is the proper alternator for this vehicle? I looked up the charging system wiring diagram for your trooper. It shows that the ECM is inside the vehicle behind the dash in the center area. This is the only part of the charging system that is inside the vehicle. If you look on the wiring diagram that I'm sending you, you will see that the ECM(PCM) has a gain control wire that goes to the alternator. I would follow this wiring diagram and check the back of your alternator to see if you have the same amount of wires hooked up to your alternator and if they are looked up on the proper terminals. Let me know what you find. Thanks.

Andy3221 :

Full Size Image

Andy3221 :

Sorry, forgot to send it!

Andy3221 :

Here you go ! Hope this helps!

Andy3221 :

Hey there ! Just checking in to see how it's going ! Let me know if I can help you further!


Would that affect the running of the engine, it overruns slightly when you switch off?

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I am not quite sure cause I have never run into it myself but that is the onlything tied into the charging system inside that could be causing the clicking .I would verify that you have the proper alternator with a parts store and would also check the wiring and ter minals. At the back of the alternator to be sure.