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Wrangler YJ: 1995 YJ 2.5L.. I have a 4.0L motor that I want

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1995 YJ 2.5L.. I have a 4.0L motor that I want to replace the 2.5L with. Question, will my Auto Trans. match up with the 4.0L? I've been told the the Wrangler 4.0L will match. But a Cherokee 4.0L will not match up. How do I.D. which 4.0L and what it came out of with just the block stamped numbers and letters? I don't have the VIN. number off the fire wall. Or find a VIN. number plate on the block? Looking from the front, on the right side of block is forward end is "5300 84 05" On the left machined surface between #2 and #3 Spark Plugs, is this numbers and letters? "?33 M Y 17"... Thank You..
hello, so looking at your "what have you tried so far" the vehicle has a 4.0 auto trans in it already? all the info i can find anywhere tells me the housing is the same pattern, and all the ones i have ever pulled and installed all were the same
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

No have not put the 4.0L in the wrangler yet.. I don't know what type jeep Wrangler or Cherokee this 4.0L came out of.. I have no Vin. numbers. Was told the Cherokee 4.0L will not match up to a Wrangle Auto Trans.


The numbers on the block can those tell my if the motor is out of a Cherokee..?

i do not know where you got that information, the numbers you gave me did not tell what vehicle the engine came from but what i can see the blocks are all the same from 91 to 2006, they just did some work on the head