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Mazda mvp: I have a 2000 madza mpv it blows the 10 amp engine

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I have a 2000 madza mpv it blows the 10 amp engine fuse .it runs fine for about a hour then blows the fuse and dies. had it to 2 mechinc they have check the wiring change #2 coil change the fuel pump didn't fix. they moved wires around only blows when driving?
Hello and welcome to JustAnswer!

This fuse powers a handful of things. You may have a short to ground in a component blowing the fuse or it could be a wiring issue that wasn't caught with their visual inspection and wiggle testing.

The fuse powers the coil side of a couple relays but it also powers the oxygen sensors among other things. The problem is more likely going to be with an oxygen sensor or wiring to the sensors, which is in close proximity to exhaust heat and it's not uncommon for wiring to short to ground or other circuits.

Since the problem is intermittent it can be very hard to find. There's an easy way to isolate the cause though.

What I would recommend is breaking up different legs of the circuit and installing inline fuses. In the fuse holders I would recommend 10 amp fuses, and to make sure they would blow before the one in the fuse box I would bump that one up to a 15 amp temporarily. Then you'll be able to drive it around until one of the inline fuses blows, and depending on which one it is then the component or wiring in that particular isolated area can be investigated. The engine will continue to run as long the problem isn't on a circuit absolutely necessary for it to run. For example the wire going to each of the oxygen sensors can have it's own dedicated inline fuse, if it blew one of those fuses you would have a check engine light to alert you but you would still be able to drive it.
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

do you have a diagram of the system this engine fuse powers.I don't know what one of the o2 sensor to put a fuse in. Thanks John
Ps I'd like to know what the 10 amp engine fuse powers

All oxygen sensors should get a fuse.

I'm at work right now and away from my service information, I'll get back to you as soon as I can this evening on all components that this circuit powers.

Here are the components that this fuse powers:

The main relay.
All oxygen sensors.
The capacitor.
Both cooling fan relays.
The airbag module.
The ABS module.
The immobilizer module.
The theft deterrent module.
sprinkles08 and 6 other Car Specialists are ready to help you

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