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suzuki XL7: I started having trouble with my XL7 (2007) not

I started having trouble with... Show More
I started having trouble with my XL7 (2007) not wanting to turn over (start) about 6 weeks ago. It would start great for 3-4 days and then if would lag and after about 2-3 attempts if would roll over and start. During this same time my car started getting hotter than usual when idling and the fan was loud. I was also having trouble with the oil change light as my regular oil change store could not get it to reset as they have over the past year. I took the car in and a mechanic said I needed new starter and my fan was not working. I had the starter and cable replaced and decided to wait on the fan as it is winter and I am tight on money. The next day the car did not start - just like prior to the new starter. I attempted to take if back and the mechanic was not available. I then went to the Suzuki Dealer for an assessment. I was told the Fan needed to be replaced (2000$ worth of work) and that it was defective and not turning off causing too much wear on the starter. Because of the $ involved I went to another mechanic for a third opinion. He said the fan was working on the day he looked at it but by battery and starter cables were loose. He tightened the cables. This was yesterday. This morning the car did not roll over and I had to try 3 times to get it started. could this be an electrical/computer problem if the parts are working intermittently and look fine at times. If so, shouldn't the dealer have been able to diagnosis this? I am now almost 700$ into repairs over the past 2 weeks and I still have the same problem with the starter. What you think?
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Car
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replied 4 years ago.
Hello, I am Randall. I have reviewed your question and working on it now.

I need you to reword the question. I am not understanding "did not roll over" took 3 times

are you saying the starter is not cranking then all of sudden it does or something else? what do you mean by trying 3-4 times?

do you have a volt meter

you also said fan not working but then go on to say would not turn off so am curious about that as well

Just trying to gather some information, Thanks
Customer reply replied 4 years ago.

When I turn on the ignition switch the car begins to start but seems to get stuck "in the middle of starting" and does not actually start. I turn the ignition back to the beginning position and try again - after 3-4 times of this it will start. So it is cranking, but does not complete the process by starting the car (again- this is intermittent most days it is fine)

I do not have a volt meter but 4 different mechanics over the past 6 weeks have told me my battery is at full strength

I was told by 2 mechanics (one was the dealer) that my fan is not spinning causing the car to get hot (not all the way to red though). in addition, the Suzuki dealer told me that the fan problem was linked to the starter problem because the fan motor is ??broken and is not shutting down when I turn the car off??? That statement aside, when I saw a new person yesterday, he said my fan was working and I had loose battery and starter cables which he fixed. However, when I stopped for gas this am, the car did not crank/turn over until the 3rd try. Hope that helps. I gave part replacement recommendations for the dealer I saw last week if you need me to provide that info


Randall C, ASE Certified Technician replied 4 years ago.
ok, still trying to follow the starting problem. you say it begins to crank? starter works ok then it just stops cranking? starter stops or are you sayingt he starter works the whole time but engine is not starting
Customer reply replied 4 years ago.

I’m am not sure. Normally I turn the key and it makes
a rumbling/starting sound and the engine turns on. When it acts up it makes the rumbling/starting sound and the sound keeps going as long as I hold the key in the start position, but the engine doesn’t start. To get it to start I turn the key off and try again until the engine starts.. So... yes the starter seems to be doing its thing but the engine dosent actually start.

Randall C, ASE Certified Technician replied 4 years ago.
ok, so this is what we call a crank, no start , at times. Its tricky to solve since intermittant

has any work been done say tune up wise? has check engine light come on at any time?
Does it run fine once started?
how long has this been happening?
How many miles on it?
Customer reply replied 4 years ago.

Sorry - Im at work and keep getting interurupted. It is fine once it starts. This has been happening 6 weeks - since I had trouble turning off my oil change light. 84, 000 miles - I have had the car for 1 year. No tune up but I have regular oil changes. Never any proibs - great car till now. I think the engine light went on once. I did take it to the dealer for diagnostics last week and they did not say anything about neededinn a tune up or electrical work - just the fan replacement

Randall C, ASE Certified Technician replied 4 years ago.
To me this does not sound like starter at all,The fan should have nothing to do with it

It sounds like a hard startup at times

One of quite few things can cause this

Some tests have to be done to help narrow down.

If you can get a can of carb cleaner, next time it will not start right up on first try, STOP cranking

undo the large intake air hose to the throttle body. the art where the throttle is, gently give a quick spray of carb cleaner. Immediately try to start. If it starts right up, I know we are in the direction of fuel delivery. If it does not? then it may be spark related

You can do this at anytime then get back with me . I have to start at some point but a starter would not be it if it is cranking and not starting up
Customer reply replied 4 years ago.

Thank you - I will try this. Do you suggest changing the spark plugs - that is not too expensive I don't think

Randall C, ASE Certified Technician replied 4 years ago.
yes,, you are right near the time for them. A weak spark at times can cause this. If you try the spray test, get with me with results and we can move forward with my thoughts etc. Thanks
Customer reply replied 4 years ago.

Thank you I will


Randall C, ASE Certified Technician replied 4 years ago.
We need a starting point. Thanks

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