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Im a Canadian considering buying a 72 Chev c-10 truck, swb,

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I'm a Canadian considering buying a 72 Chev c-10 truck, swb, highly customized, frame off / perfect body work, combination of yellow and white. Very unique, has a 94 LT1 & 4L60E trans., custom leather interior, gas filler frenched into marker light, chrome everywhere under the hood, etc. The owner paid to have the truck done over in 2008 and he claims he spent inexcess of $ 60,000.00 on the rebuild. There been an article write up on the bebuild in Classic Trucks June 2009 edition. He has put 2000 miles on since the rebuilt. We negotiated a price of $ 42,500.00 + + + $ 46,000.00 by time delivered. We are 2750 miles apart and i've arranged to see the truck in late November. I realize that I'm probably over paying especially if I had to resell in a short period of time. I understand theres a cost for enjoyement. My questions are: Am I over paying? By how much approx.? Thanks your time and expertize. Lorne AuCoin
wow beautiful truck i might have to say right off the a few factors come into play.are you planning on keeping this for a very long time?is this an investment ? or a fun toy to go to car shows ect... ? im sorry for the 20 questions but i want to be sure to give you the correct answer
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Sorry for being slow to get back to you but I was out for a few hours.


My time horizon to keep the truck is probably 10 years. I plan to use it as much as possible on fine weather days, probably not in excess of 5,000 miles / year. I also plan to show the truck within a 300 mile radius of my home in Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada, B1L 1C1.



I have a heated garage at home to keep the truck in. Once I retire I do plan to take the truck to Florida, 38 driving hours each way, from November through to May. In Florida our double wide has a carport to keep the sun off the truck. If the 38 hour truck ride is not that comfortable I will probably just leave it in one of the two locations.


I assume when It comes time to sell the truck it will probably go back to the US where there is 10 times the population and more interest in antique vehicles than in Canada. So realistically I should haver a much better chance to get a higher price in the US ?


I would like to recover as much of my orginal investment as possible. If I keep the truck 10 years the restoration of the truck will be 14 years old and maybe have 50,000 additional miles on it when it comes time to sell it. It will no doubt be ready to be freshened. Whether I sell as is or refresh just before selling I'll probably be netting the same $, what do you think?


Sorry for all the ramblings. I'm all over the map with the discussions above but I wanted to describe how I plan to use and store the truck for the next 10 years. Hopefully the above makes sense.


Lorne AuCoin









its going to boil down to a few things.1st you never know what the market will be in 10 years its almost like the stock market the desire may be there to drive the price up or like comic books right now a dime a dozen and they are not worth much at all right now.2nd as for the price of that truck i do not think you are over paying much any project like that will have 60K or more invested in it as you are picking it up for @ 46K even though he invested over 60K in it.i have restored a few cars '/ trucks myself and you never get your money back or even close in restoring a vehicle.the only that may come close or be able to make money are either a very desirable car / truck that is all numbers matching ect.. to me that's boring to me.this truck is far from stock or numbers matching but it is definetly a unique piece and 46K is not to bad at all for this truck.3rd if you upkeep this truck it will always leek and be fresh and i bet within the 10 year span at a show one day a few times you will get cash offers for this truck.again like i said the market is soft right now 10 years ago he would have been getting 50K + for this truck. 4th treat it like a comic book or the stock market supply and demand all 3 boil down to the right time to sell it when the market is right and right now its soft it will turn around in that 10 year span and when it does the worse you will do is break even and you used and enjoyed that truck for 10 years for free if you can break even in 10 years that's very good.if the market is way up you may be able to make a few bucks.but it really boils down to how much you like this truck if you love it and its your dream truck i really do not think you can go wrong.if a little bit of you doesn't like the truck and you are settling for this do NOT buy it.but in a nut shell it boils down to is this the truck for you ?
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