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Chevrolet Corvette Z06: Im thinking about buying a C6 z06.

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I'm thinking about buying a C6 z06. Have read about the front end air dam (not the plastic flexible one further back) being a problem on speed bumps. How difficult is it to remove? And are there any adverse effect from doing this?

Jim H
Just be aware that GM and other manufacturers spend a lot of time and money to maximize the vehicles performance and efficiency. By closing off grill openings and making the front end more aerodynamic, they reduce drag which in turn increases fuel mileage. That being said they must get enough airflow across the radiator and a/c condenser for them to work properly. This is the reason for all those annoying speed bump dragging add ons under the car. You will most likely not have issues with removing the air dam however if it were my vehicle I wouldn't tamper with it unless it becomes a necessity.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thanks for your prompt response.


Was wondering how difficult is it to remove the air dam? Is it a simple bolt on that I can do myself with home tools?




I haven't taken a close look at one lately, but gm usually attaches them with 4 or 5 screws and they come off pretty easily.
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