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Mike, Mechanic
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Experience:  Hi, I have been a Car/vehicle mechanic 34 years. 29of -running my own repair/diagnostic business.
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I have a issue with my 93 isuzu trooper 3.2.when i come to

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I have a issue with my 93 isuzu trooper 3.2.when i come to a stop light or sign my check transmition light comes on and it stays in 3rd gear it wont shift down and i have to restart the car and reset the light and everything works fine agian untill problem comes back.any awnser will help thanks again
Hello and Welcome to justanswer..

When you get the Trans Check Light, - this means the TCM, Trans Control module , has detected a fault somewhere in the transmission system.

This can be in the actual transmission itself - the electrics, wiring or even the TCM itself though the latter is quite rare.

BUt the first place to start is the transmission fluid. Check to see if it is at the correct level- and that it looks a nice red-ish colour. If its black and smells burned, thats a sign of internal transmission trouble which would then have to be investigated further. If its conditionis good but level low, top up and re try it.

If its nothing to do with the fluid, then the next step is to have a fault code read done.

When the light comes on as you describe, the trans sticks in 3rd gear. That is because the TCM invokes what is called limp or safe mode... and invokes 3rd gear use only... this is to protect the systems while the fault exists. The TCM will have fault codes relating to the fault - which as above, need to be read, and that will point to the fault so that it can be sorted / fixed whatever it is.

As you say, switching off / on again resets it.. thats normal. That will happen , until the next time.

So work through as above on this one to get this cured for you now.

I sincerely XXXXX XXXXX above all helps you and helps with the understanding of the problem you have -and what needs to be done to cure this ...


Kind Rgds, MIKE.

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Regards, MIKE.

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Customer: replied 4 years ago.
I just had my trans. Serviced and had a cylinoid changed and it was flushed out and filter changed. I was reading on a chat forum and a guy had similer issue with the trans. Staying in 3rd gear and he said he found oil in the spark plugs and it wasn't getting a good enough spark so he changed his wires to a bigger boot and that helped and hasn't had the issue since. My valve cover is leaking and was gonna change it tomorrow. Is his story creditable?
Hello again Gabriel - thank you for your reply--

Well, l wasn't aware of any of that - re the work you have had done on the trans - but, tying in what you say re the engine, you may have that issue - but that wont make the Trans fault light come on as you have..

Again, that only comes on when the Tcm detects a fault in the transmission systems.. If you have a fault in the Engine systems you get the Engine systems fault light on -

So again you need to progress as above re getting the TCM scanned for fault codes - not the engine management ecu - the TCM..

Thats the way forward on this one now to get this sorted for you .

Best Rgds, MIKE.

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Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Do I need to torque the valve covers? And if so to what specks.. and also the intake manifold as well..
Hello again Gabriel - thank you for your reply / message -

This is a separate issue to your initial question.. but no you dont need to torque these - there are settings for them, there are settings for every nut and bolt on a vehicle - but these can be just done up neat/tight.

I can look them settings up if you really need - Let me know but meantime, need you to click on the OK service (or higher) ratings service for me now for the above/ initial , Thank you ...

Then let me know if you need anything more - you can get back to me anytime - clicking the ratings service does not close you out.

Thank you -

Rgds, MIKE.
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.
My battery meter is jumping all over the place could this cause my car to go into a safe/limp mode if my alternater is not running properly

Hi again -

Yes - if the alternator is charging erratically or there is a bad connection causing this or whatever, it can affect the electronics so yes that can happen.... that needs investigating...

Rgds, MIKE.