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Saturn Aura XE: 07 Aura owned since day 1, same issue as previous

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07 Aura owned since day 1, same issue as previous customers: no door chime, no front speaker audio, can't use (can't hear) OnStar. Randomly audio is there from L or R speaker, rear speakers always ok. Seemed to occur after alternating key fobs just to wear keys evenly. Keep thinking it's a computer or program or some "reset" related problem. Need to get it corrected, it's months now. How likely can it be that both front speakers failed exactly simultaneously? (But occassionly resume working briefly with NO distortion?)

This either a fuse, radio, or amplifier problem. As this is an intermittent problem its unlikely to be a fuse, but its always a good idea to check all of your fuses before going any further.

Its unlikely that both of the speakers are failing at the exact same time, so I would suspect a problem with your radio or amplifier.

A quick test you can try is to disconnect the battery for a few minutes and reconnect it. This will "reset" the radio and amplifier. If the speakers begin to work you know the problem is with the radio or the amplifier. Unfortunately at this point there is no easy way to know which component is bad, but I would suspect the amplifier to fail before the radio.

I hope this helps, let me know if you have any more questions!
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Thanks for the lead, I guess this leaves me at the mercy of a Dealership, hoping I get a tech familiar with this failure-I know I'm not alone. BUT, if I disconnect the battery am I not going to default all kinds of other system settings also? Is that going to be more trouble than I can handle? Is there a separate amp fuse that can. be pulled? Where is the amp?

I really don't want my doors and dash disassembled at a dealership, have things never fit quite right again, spend hundreds of dollars on guesswork, and still have probs.. With Saturn discontinued, I feel like I'm taking chances on finding the right tech to do the right thing one time. You know, the first time.

THe only thing you will notice from disconnecting the battery is that any of your preset stations or configurations in your radio will be reset. But these can easily be reset, so it is worth it to test for a module failure.

The amp is in the trunk.

Let me know if you have any more questions!
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
I know about the trunk fuse block but can you give me a clue where they hide the amp? I have just the stock audio system, are all models trunk mounted?