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Rover 75: My Rover 75 2000, has run for 150000km. Do I have

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My Rover 75 2000, has run for 150000km.
Do I have to change the register belt now? How do I know when to do it



Hopefully i can help..


I'm not sure what you mean by a register belt? Can you a bit more specific? Or do you mean a Timing belt or the auxiliary belt / fan belt as some people still call them?


Also what engine does the car have? ie :- size / fuel type?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

cm3 1796,volume of motor

effect of motor 88 kw


gazoline engine


The register belt as I define it is the belt that wrecks the engine if it breaks.


Is this better?





Yes thats fine..From what i gather from your info there - yours will be a 1.8 DOHC petrol engine "engine code :- K1,8"...In that case, your Timing belt will need renewed every or nearing 90,000miles or 6 years which ever comes first - but during any service it should always be inspected anyway - so if your mileage is 150000km which is roughly 93,000miles then your overdue if it hasn't been done already - replacement should really include the belt / tensioner and the water pump so your mechanic will need to ensure thats all done - double check any recent service documentation that came with the car to be sure it has been done fairly recently and at what mileage - if theres nothing like that then it would be wise to have it done sooner rather than later and risk it snapping causing even more expense...

I now know what you mean by a register belt - In the UK we call it a Timing belt or Cam belt - thats the toothed belt inside the plastic timing cover on the left handside of the engine as you look into the engine as above if it hasn't been done yet then it would be wise to have your mechanic replace all the above along with the timing belt...Once all done then note down the mileage and date in the service book or sticker provided with the belt so you'll know when the next replacement is due...

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