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Lamborghini Countach: Hello. I have a question regarding adjustable

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Hello. I have a question regarding adjustable shocks. I got them installed in my car to lower the front end, but my mechanic said that the height he fixed in the car was the lowest it could go, when I inspect the shocks they seem to have room for a lower height, is it because the springs are limiting the height that it cannot go lower? How could I lower it more? do I need to compress the springs? if I do that would the new height be too tight? Too many questions sorry!

if there's thread left below the spring platform and the car isn't on the rubber bump stops of the shocks then it can go lower - whether or not this is a good idea is debatable

As the car is already pretty low to start with and you'll run into problems with wheelarch clearance to wheel if you go too low, as the wheel must not touch the body work on full bump as this can be pretty dangerous

also you need a good level of suspension travel (at least 40mm) to achieve good handling on the road as if you hit the bump stops mid corner or the wheel hits the body then the suspension goes solid and the car will try and bounce off the road.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
I guess that clarifies, I appreciate very much! (If I can go lower,Can I do it by myself?)

Its worth a look yourself - as long as you have the 'c' spanners to adjust the spring platforms and take careful measurements before you start so you know how much you've moved things

also bear in mind that i you do end up going more than 5mm lower from where you started the steering geometry will have to be re-set
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Oh no. So it is not as easy as to just screwing the platforms upwards.
I do have the c spanner, it came with the shock set. I just don't know
if i can adjust at full spring tension. Do I have to compress the springs?
I think that was my initial question.. Thanks again for your help.

If you want to lower the car you have to lower the spring platforms and providing the spring platforms are well lubricated you don't need to compress the springs 1st to wind the platforms up

I'd suggest turning the steering to full lock and see how much wheelarch lip to tyre clearance there is now at your current ride height if its less than 10 mm you'd be unwise to lower the car further

Also I'd say the best thing to do is give the car to a sports car/ race preparation shop who have the equipment like corner weight platforms and laser alignment kit to set the car up the best possible way

speak to the guys 1st on what you want to achieve and they'll be able to help
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Nice, that's the best advice. Thank you, XXXXX XXXXX said, it is probably better to get it looked into by an expert. The picture below shows the actual height after the adjustables were insttalled, it looks just a little bit higher than I'd love it to be. You know, sometimes little things can be somehow anoying, and I can't help it. Specially I have seen other cars lowered and I like the look very much.

thanks for the extra information I'd say looking at the image you could come a little lower

I'd try about 10mm lower and see how you are for wheel arch clearance on full lock it it looks OK then get the steering re-aligned and see how it drives

any crashing over bumps and you need to come back up bit or look into shorter bump stops
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Thanks ! Smile

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