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1993 suzuki: 000 kms 5 speed manual up shifting gears..oil change

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My 1993 suzuki 280 000 kms 5 speed manual up shifting gears no problem down shifting from third to second and down to first can not do! Any thoughts?Could an oil change help?


Hello, A fluid change may help but its more likely the clutch needs adjusted or replaced.

Look at the transmission of the car to find the adjustment nut. It will be located on a lever connected to the clutch cable. At the end of the lever is where the adjustment nut is located.

Turn the adjustment nut for the clutch cable in the direction of the car or away from the car to change the amount of play on the clutch pedal in your car. Test the pedal each time to make sure you have at least 1 inch of play.

Please hit accept if my answer satisfies the question.....

Thanks in advance for your prompt payment,


Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Hey Brad,

It works the opposite way!! Too much free play at clutch pedal (clutch not dissengaging)

would cause problem like mine! Anyway my clutch is adjusted properly.

Any other thoughts?

Correct; If the clutch is not disengaging it would up shift fine but not down shift easily at all. If the clutch is adjusted correctly, the syncros are bad and a rebuild is in order. As I stated, a fluid change and some friction modifier may help and I would try that first, but if it doesn't help enough it's time for a rebuild or a new trans...

Best regards,


Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Hi Brad,

you are correct, but my sinchros dont apear to be worn out because the gear leaver

does not allow me to downshift even under pressure! I think that if the sinchros were worn i would be able to downshift but with a crunch through the teeth of the gear.

I believe that the sinchros are stopping me from engaging the gears -doing only half of their job and not sinchronizing the revolutions of the gears-sorry for my laik explanation.

I do understand how gearbox works and i have seen one appart.


Not much else in there to cause a no shift situation..... gummed up jack shafts or sticky bearings from old broken down trans fluid.


Customer: replied 5 years ago.

upshift no problem oil looks clean, changing gears stationary with or without engine running is fine, it still does downshift with double clutch and reving up between the two clutch desengagements if you know what i mean!

Might try the oil change to fix the problem as i want to sell the car working properly.

Thanks anyway Brad.


Ok... If you can down shift with the engine off ( no load) but have to double clutch and rev it up to do it when the car is moving, the clutch needs adjusted or replaced.... Its just like in a semi truck when your down shifting, you have to rev it to down shift in gear... It's called "floating" the gear. if you float the grears in your car, I wager it will shift every time. Your clutch isn't disengaging all the way so the input shaft still has a load on it (all be it less of a load than if you where not touching the clutch at all). Adjust the clutch so the pedal is disengaging the clutch sooner and your problems will go away. At least until you have no friction left on the clutch disc and it will start slipping...Laughing

Try it out Paul and let me know what the results are....... Double or nothin? If I'm right, pay me $28 instead of 14.. if I'm wrong I'll keep lookin in to this till I find the answer ABSOLUTLY FREE OF CHARGE! Deal?Money mouth

Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Hi Brad

my clutch was sliping so i have adjusted it even before i have asked for help and the shifting problem has been there long before that.

As clutch plate wears out it needs adjustment the other way to prevent it from slipping but it will certainly still disengage and disengage even better without the adjustment!

It must be the sinchros, but why cant i force gearstick through the gears like in truck that hasn't sinchronized gearbox?

I had a car with worn out sinchros in the gearbox and i culd change gears up and down with a litle crunch if the rews were not right .

Anyway it is nearly midnight here in South Australia so i will look at it tomorrow-maybe change the gear oil.


Paul, Yes you are correct and I agree with the clutch adjustment but it makes no sense that it will shift when off and not when moving. the trans is see a load after you disengage the clutch and it isn't letting you change gears. Thats why you can double clutch and get it to go ( it releases the tension on the input shaft to make it easier to mate with the next gear). NEVERMIND i JUST ANSWERED BOTH OF OUR QUESTIONS!!!! If the syncros are bent, not just wore out, it will do crazy crap like this.... You are correct I think by the syncros.... OK a deal is a deal.... no payment necessary ( BUT HIGHLY APPRECIATED lol!)

Get some sleep and I look forward to finding out what you discover...

Take care,


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Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Hi Brad,

Thanks for your honest unswer. One last question what modifier would you use

and where can i get it?

I'm going to prosess your payment now.


I personally prefer Royal Purple products. They go above and beyond ASE specs. Using there oil will extend the life of you trans....
It's been a pleasure working with you!!!
Take Care,