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Ivan, ASE Certified Master Technician
Category: Car
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Experience:  ASE Master Tech w/ 20+ years in the field. Self employed for 9 years. Member of AUTOLAB radio show.
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Mini cooper S hardtop: I got an iPhone 4s. Tried to pair it

Customer Question

I got an iPhone 4s. Tried to pair it with the radio in my 2010 mcs. Pairing failed and now the car won't start. It just clicks repeatedly. I followed the instructions in the manual for the full prep package for the mobile phone.
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Car
Expert:  Ivan replied 4 years ago.

Ivan :

Hello and good evening. Did you do the pairing with the car on, but not running?

Ivan :

Your JA Expert,

Ivan :


JACUSTOMER-wqv8x6vi- : yes
Ivan :

I have a feeling that the battery for the car failed. It is possible that it drained while performing the procedure. Before you go too crazy, have the battery checked or try a jump start to see if the car will start. The pairing usually goes fine, I have an iPhone 4 on my 08 Cooper, and it paired easily. It is very possible the battery compromised the pairing. Check that first, it is the only logical explanation for the no start after the procedure.

JACUSTOMER-wqv8x6vi- : I have no way handy to jump the battery. Can I put it on a charger instead?
Ivan :

Yes certainly, leave it on for at least 30 minutes before trying to start

JACUSTOMER-wqv8x6vi- : Ok. I'll give it a tty. If it works I'll let you know. It'll be at least 2 hours from now as I've walked downtown.
Ivan :

I will still be online, so let me know what happens.

JACUSTOMER-wqv8x6vi- : I got a friend to help push the mini out of the garage. We tried a jump. It did not work. I am thinking that the battery is not the problem. By the way all the lights, windows, etc do work as they are supposed to. Next?
Ivan :

In this case, I would like you to disconnect the negative battery cable for around 5 minutes. Reconnect and see if the car responds. I truly would like to know the battery voltage. It is possible for a battery not to jump.

JACUSTOMER-wqv8x6vi- : Ok, I will try it.
Ivan :

I'll be waiting for some news

Ivan :

I have another thought for you. Is your car a manual or automatic?

JACUSTOMER-wqv8x6vi- : No luck. I hooked the cable up again. I used a meter to get the voltage: got a steady 12 volts. The plate on the battery reads EN 12V 55Ah 480A; and SAE 90RC 480 CCA. My mini is an automatic.
Ivan :

I was hoping you would say manual. There are issues where the clutch switch becomes dislodged and causes a no start. On the same token, see if you have brake lights when you depress the brake. If you don't, look to see if the brake switch got dislodged. The car won't start unless you depress the brake, so maybe our issue lies there.

JACUSTOMER-wqv8x6vi- : I do have brake lights, and they are working properly.
Ivan :

One more thought and then I'm sorry to say I'm out of quick fixes. Shift the car into neutral and try to start it.

JACUSTOMER-wqv8x6vi- : That did not work either. I will call Motor City Mini (110 miles away) in the morning. They may give permission for Rallye Imports here in town (Midland) to fix the car. They sell and service, among others, used Minis. Thanks for trying, Ivan. My number, if you need it, is XXXXXXXXXX
Ivan :

I'm sorry I couldn't get you going. Something bizarre occurred and maybe it will take Mini's software to reset the car. When they do correct the vehicle, have them pair the phone too, while you are at the facility. Odd things happen, don't hold the car responsible, they are too much fun to drive.

Ivan :

Hello David, I was just curious how you made out today.

JACUSTOMER-wqv8x6vi- :

Ii called MINI Roadside Assistance (free). He jumped the battery and the car started right away. Apparently, when my friends and I jumped it last night, we didn't have a secure connection. I'm taking the car to the dealer on Wednesday next week in response to a recall. I'm going to have them check out this problem as well. Mini wouldn't agree to have the local foreign car place check ouy the problem, unless I was willing to void the warranty.

Ivan :

I had a feeling the battery ran down. Logic prevails. I'm very glad the car didn't have any serious faults that caused it not to start. Now it is just a matter of pairing the unit. I feel you should replace the battery and try to pair the phone again.