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3 most capable small suvs with their strenghs and weakness

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please give me the 3 most capable small suvs with their strenghs and weakness's
what is the most rugged, and can handle the more abusive applications

Billy :

Hello and thank you for using Just answer! I'm Billy and i will assist you with this. Feel free to ask if you need any further info.

Billy :

When referring to small SUVs, these are not rugged....these are city vehicles, although some can handle pretty abusive driving and terrains.

Billy :

I would first thing of the nissan x-terra...then, the toyota rav4, then the mitsubishi outlander

Billy :

Xterra: the most 4wd drive aboard...although a bit long...

Billy :

Rav4: most confortable ride....good equipment and best finishing on the inside....have a bit of squarish geometry (wheels)....the bad point would be that this one is a bit bulky so you need more engine power for abusive driving

Billy :

outlander: good engine....good 4wd.....good inside equipment...however the front clearance is not very helpful when tackling steep obstacles......other bad side, the front transversal axle is known to break in heavy conditions.

Billy :

I would go with the Nissan.

Billy :

Thank you for trusting JA and myself.......get back to me if follow up is needed..Click ACCEPT so i get credited for my work...positive feedback and bonuses appreciated...

Customer: replied 4 years ago.
any thought to the forester?
Hello again,

The subaru has good 4wd drive....for the road....
It is very similar to the outlander (geometry and good 4wd drive)...but the latter has much better interior and looks.

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Customer: replied 4 years ago.
just how rugged is the forester? Can it take some abuse. (up and down curbs, trail like handling, uneven surfaces........ In its class, xterrra aside, how does this rank against others in its class?
Hello again,

The Forester is very its class....

It is one of the most crossovers that can take the beating in its size, and still be standing..
It does have the toughest 4wd (one available to the big offroaders)...

nabilc and 4 other Car Specialists are ready to help you

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