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rear rover defender and kawasaki klf 300 quad bike

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Thanks for your previous help. Im trying to improve my explanation of the function and operation of the front and rear suspension systems(struts dampers etc) for the land rover defender and kawasaki klf 300 quad bike both have the same system i believe. many thanks if you can help because my explanation is rubbish.

Billy :

Hello and thank you for using Just answer! I'm Billy and i will assist you with this. Feel free to ask if you need any further info.

Billy :

I will explain further...including specific defender suspension info:

Billy :

The front suspension design allows maximum wheel
travel and axle articulation providing good ground
clearance without loss of traction or directional
Long radius arms are fitted to the front axle and
provide maximum axle articulation which is vital for off
road performance. The radius arms are secured to
fabricated mounting brackets welded to the front axle.
Flexible rubber bushes are used on a stem end joint
to secure the rear of the radius arms to mountings on
the chassis cross member.
A panhard rod, which ensures that the front axle
remains centrally located, is fitted transversely and
also uses ferrule rubber bush mountings at both axle
and chassis locations.
mountings, while bushed links support the front of the
bar to the front axle.
Conventional long travel coil springs and hydraulic
shock absorbers are used to control body movement
in all conditions. The shock absorbers are secured to
fabricated towers which are bolted to the chassis. The
upper and lower fixings use a single location stud with
flexible rubber bushes, support washers and securing
nuts. Retaining plates are used to secure the coil
springs to the fabricated towers and axle mountings.
Rubber bump stops are fitted underneath the chassis,
adjacent to the front road springs, and prevent
possible damage that could occur should there be
excessive axle to chassis movement.

Billy :

The rear suspension design locates the rear axle with
two round section steel lower link arms and a forged
’A’ frame, upper link assembly. This system allows
maximum axle articulation and wheel travel while
maintaining roll stiffness and directional stability.
The link arm is secured by a single retaining nut to the
chassis mounting, comprising a rubber bushed
bracket, which is retained by three fixings. A ferrule
rubber bush with a single retaining bolt is used to
secure the link arm to its axle mounting.
The upper link assembly is located on the rear
differential housing by a pivot ball-pin assembly. Two
brackets bolted to the chassis crossmember support
both sides of the ’A’ frame of the link assembly,
secured by single retaining bolts.
A Boge Hydromat self levelling unit can be fitted, as
an option, on 110/130 models to give additional
support when the vehicle is used to carry heavier
Two rubber bearing bushes, with retaining straps,
secure the rear of the anti-roll bar, if fitted, to the
chassis mountings, while bushed links support the
front of the anti-roll bar to the axle.
Conventional long travel coil springs and hydraulic
shock absorbers are used to control body movement.
The shock absorbers are secured to chassis mounting
brackets and fabricated lower mountings welded to to
the rear axle. Retaining plates are used to secure the
coil springs to the axle mounting while fabricated
brackets, welded to the chassis, are used for the
upper spring location.


Thanks so much you are brilliant.

Billy :

Wait for the rear suspension pic:

Billy :

And that is as detailed as it gets on the front and rear Defender suspension operation....

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