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obd code that is sent the second any of the airbags are deployed

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does anyone know the OBD code that is sent the second any of the airbags are deployed?
Hello and thank you for using justanswer. When the air bag control module sends a signal to deploy the air bags, it sets a B0051 code. Most of the time this code cannot be cleared from the module and the module has to be replaced after air bag deployment.
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Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Dave - Thanks. The code B0051, will this be consistent for all vehicle models? And will this be the same code regardless as to the location of the airbag in the vehicle?
On older vehicles (1996-2000) the code is B0051. On newer vehicles, the code will be B1151. These codes are consistent for all vehicle models. This code is the same regardless of air bag location.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
we seem to be battling to read the code through the OBD. Is there another code we should be looking for?
Thanks again in advance
No other code. Make sure you are using an advanced scan tool capable of reading Body codes (B codes)
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Dave - You have been fantastic. Please if you would we dont seem to be selecting the correct code to display fuel level and other fuel OBD codes. Our objective is to display fuel level as well as compute mpg. This is ultimately to get accident forensic data, so if you have any other codes that you think would be prudent, your input is truly appreciated.
Here is a product that will help you scan OBD2 data signals to get codes and fuel economy data as well. Autera data logger.