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Scott W.
Scott W., ASE Certified Technician
Category: Car
Satisfied Customers: 3316
Experience:  28 yrs. experience in automotive repair
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If there are so many mechanics on line why is it taking so long

Customer Question

If there are so many mechanics on line why is it taking so long to get an answer...I did not tip because I never do until the end...perhaps I could request the services of someone else in the catagory. I don't need the answer tomorrow ...I need it today...I have never had this problem with legal...thank you
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Car
Expert:  Scott W. replied 5 years ago.

Steve W :

Hello my name is Steve W, my background is Ford's, what are you working on, what is your problem?

Steve W :

Let me know, Thanks Steve W :

Steve, my 89 year old mother-inlaw is having a problem. The fan on the passenger side of her car will not shut off.

Steve W :

What make and model? :

It is not the airconditioner vent but one closer to the windshield. The gentleman helping me before called the problem something and sent me a drawing...however I am stupid with this stuff and could not understand the drawing...can it be fixed by us..does it need to go to is a 1990 bruick parkavenue...this just does not help to cut off and on the car :

thank you :

I do not understand why the last gentleman did not contiune with answering my questions

Steve W :

So it blows out the defroster all the time? Even with the key out of the ignition? :

yes it is there...I was just told that the blower is or blow is coming from under the hood not the inside of the sorry ///I can't understand why they just told me this....she has cut the car on and off and suppose it continues to blow even cut off.

Steve W :

Ok, I am good with Fords, this is not really my area, let me see if I can find the previous tech and send him a message for him to help you. :

I am so sorry it has just stopped it ran for 8 not know why...but I appreciate all your help :

Please cancel any :

anyone else working with :

ank yu

Steve W :

Ok, I can put in for a customer refund if you like, might save you some money.

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