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2005 Suzuki Reno: spark plugs & wires..timing belt..gasket..oil leak

Resolved Question:

<p>My 2005 Suzuki Reno "skips, hiccups or stumbles" (not sure WHAT to call) it. I've had spark plugs & wires changed, timing belt changed, selenoid (?sp) changed, had the valve gasket cover changed 2x for an oil leak and it still is not running well. What's next? There is not a dealership close by and my mechanic seems to only be able to deal with an engine lite code. I'm not getting a code right now.</p><p>ADDED: sorry, replaced COIL not selenoid. Also, when I did get an engine code it was only for misfire. Again, no codes triggered now but engine still skips or stumbles. </p>
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Car
Expert:  Jim replied 5 years ago.

Jim :

We have seen problems with the crank shaft position sensor cause this type of problem. Only use factory parts for this sensor.


Thank you. Can you tell me if this is a major mechanical repair? Could the average (yet still good) mechanic fix this? Will computerized electronic checks be required to test after the repair? This makes a difference on who I take my car too and with my dealership significantly out of the way, this is important.

Jim :

If the vehicle is equiped with power stering that needs to be removed and if equiped with A/C the compressor needs to be removed to get to the sensor. No electronic checks after installation. Where ever you decide to have it serviced make sure you only use a factory part. The after market parts are coming out of China and they don't work properly.


Thank you Jim! I appreciate your help.

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