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Continental: bentley..GT 2005 which I purchased..crap..salvage

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I have a bentley continental GT 2005 which I purchased at auction. Yes I know this was a crap shoot. It is a salvage title due to engine problem. I have taken it to a friend who works as service manager for VW. (the engine beingnthe same as the phaton). The engine runs but there was a short on one section of the wiring harness so it is running on 6 of 12 cylinders. The compression has been checked and is good on all cylinders. I have the complete repair manual (CD).

My question: I would like to consider addressing the repair of the wiring harness myself. I have pretty solid mechanical ability and a good friend who has years of experience in the auto repair industry including the ability to remove the engine if necessary. Is this realistic to consider? I would bring it back to my ally at the VW dealer to clear any errors and faults.

CarDoc :

Hello, I'm Jason. I will do my best to answer your question quickly and accurately using the information you have provided.

CarDoc :

Sounds like you've got yourself a bit of a project

CarDoc :

And yes, I've worked on a few of these

Customer: I'm listening...
CarDoc :

So when you say there's a short....I'm curious how this was determined. Is there no power to pin 1 on that bank of injectors?

CarDoc :

Or is there more of a spark issue?

Customer: At this point I am taking the word of the VW mechanic. He says there is physical evidence of wires damaged in the harness on the passenger side. Like over heating or burned.
CarDoc :

That's fair. So the injector or coil harness? I'm curious what's missing. Fuel or spark on the affected bank.

CarDoc :

And so you understand, there might not be a perfect, definitive answer here, but right now I'm just gathering information

Customer: Not sure. At this point I believe from looking at the diagrams that those wires come together so both could be affected. I am really wondering if I shoul pull it to my garage and upen it up to evaluate the wiring and make the necessary repairs to the harness so the diagnostic can be more meaningful (eliminate the wiring from the equation)
Customer: Btw of course I can take it to a shop for this but I would not mind to dig into it myself personally as a project an not run up a big mechanic bill just to find out there are much more serious problems lurking below. In that case I wool send it back to auction
CarDoc :

I think that would be best. VW has a pretty good selection of wire harness pigtails, although trying to find the correct ones in the ETKA system is a frustrating exercise. The wires don't physically come together least the injector and coil wires. No harm in opening up the harness itself. I'd definitely buy the correct cloth tape so that any repairs still look factory. Also.....

CarDoc :

with the correct scan tool, you can verify at least the injector repairs without ever starting the car. The Ross Tech scan tool, VCDS, offers actuations, meaning you can use the scan tool to run each injector so that you can physically hear them open and close.

CarDoc :

And if you're good with track-style wiring diagrams, then you should have plenty of information

Customer: That sounds good. So for the wires should I look to VW for the wire or?? I am thinking I might be able to splice past the bad area one wire at a time in order to get it going. Just use correct Gage of wire qnd colors if possible. Do you know if I would reasonably be able to remove enough parts and components on the fender radiator wheel well etc to gain access to do the repair? Replacing the harness calls for stoping the engine.
Customer: (droping the engine)
CarDoc :

You should be able to splice. Just make sure you use good quality connectors. The solder-shink ones are preferred. I only use the VW ones when the electrical connector end is needed to fit into a harness connector. But yes, most of the topside of the engine area can be removed for reasonable access.

Customer: Thank you.
CarDoc :

Sure thing and good luck! It will be tough, but nice if it works out

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