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000 miles..NO need for rotors..break pads

Resolved Question:

my LR3 has 50,000 miles, the rear breaks were done about 2 months ago. NO need for rotors. the "Check break pads" light just came on and I know I need to do the front breaks. So I took it in and they said I need rotors too. Now the breaks just started squeaking a little, while breaking when backing up. The check pads light just came on, all of this in about 2 weeks. I find it hard to believe I need rotors done too. Can I have the mechanic just put on the pads and opt out of the rotors? I just feel he's got a shady way about him.
LR3 Owner
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Car
Expert:  Jerry replied 6 years ago.

Hello and welcome to Just, Super mechanic here. About your vehicle.

The thing with that is you will have to start with new pads and then clean all around the steering knuckle and hub. The back of the wheel, (which most techs don't do) and get all of the brake dust off. When you have new pads installed and there is any brake dust from the old ones, it will get into the new pad and impregnate it to where it will become glazed after a few hundred miles or so.

I use a soap and warm water mixture and clean the calipers, mounts, hub, wheels and control arms and then blow it off with compressed air. But, you will want to start with a good brand of brake pads.

Of course, the rotors will have to have a smooth surface, and not be glazed. They should be turned to make them true and have a good smooth surface. If they do measure too thin then they would need to be replaced. You could always get a second opinion if the tech seems shady to you.

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
I'm not doing the work, it's at the mechanics. I just don't think the rotors would need to be replaced. I have to take his word. How do rotors get too thin? Is it by wearing your pads down too far? My check pad sight just came on in conjunction with the slight squeaking..
Expert:  Jerry replied 6 years ago.
Actually the brake pads that are being used in production these days are made of a rather hard material. That will most times cause more wear to the rotors, mostly in the front.

However, there are some strict specifications that the rotors would have to met in order to still be used.You may want to have them show you why the rotors are bad. (they can be measured with a micrometer.


Sometimes the rotors may be sort of borderline and it might be more cost effective to replace them.
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