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2000 reg skoda octavia 1.6 gls i , the speedo,temp..fuel gauges..fuses

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My son has a 2000 reg skoda octavia 1.6 gls i , the speedo,temp, & fuel gauges keep
going off & on as he drives along, he has tried all the fuses & connections but the problem
persist, help again with this problem would be very much appreciated.
Best Regards; Tim House.

Eurocar Specalists :

hello there !

Eurocar Specalists :

on the gauges, if they flat line there is a couple of grounds i would like you to check first

Eurocar Specalists :

first the ground at the steering column , second both kick panel ground points left and right (you may have to remove the kick panels to gain access to them , third the ground on the firewall in the engine compartment

Eurocar Specalists :

all of these grounds please loosen the nut inspect for corrosion and then replace the acorn nut w/ a serrated nut and retorque and then retest !!!

Eurocar Specalists :

there can be a chance that the instrument cluster is bad due to a loose solder joint !!! but check the grounds first !!!

Eurocar Specalists :

I think i have answered you question fully and deposits does not pay me in full until the green accept button is pressed for the consultation

thank you for you support in JustAnswer and have a great day

p.s. please do not forget the feedback and bonuses are greatly appreciated!!

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