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2002 Saturn: sputters and dies after being drove for a while..restart

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Have a 2002 Saturn SC2 with the 1.9 SOHC. It sputters and dies after being drove for a while and then won't stay running for more than a second or two when you try to restart it. If you let it sit overnight it runs fine for several miles again. The service engine light does come on and I've had the codes pulled and they listed the knock sensor. I replaced it and car ran fine for a week the dies again. I replace the coolant temperature sensor and it didnt seem to help. Checked the crankshaft sensor by disconnecting plug wires at coil pack and there was good spark between coils. I'm lost now and need any advice I can get.
this sounds like lack or no fuel. a fuel pressure test should be done when this condition is present. also check the coil towers if there corroded, clean them up, and replace the plug wires.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

Fuel pressure was tested when knock sensor was replaced and coils all look good. This thing had got me racking my brain. any other ideas?

ok, that is simple then. if you have tested fuel pressure and it's good. then this condition is due to a software issue in the pcm, recalibratation of the pcm is the fix. see the following bulletin addressing your concern.



ISSUE DATE: January, 2003


CATEGORY: Emission Controls

CORPORATION NO.: 03-06-05-001

Engine Hesitation and/or Vehicle Lacks Power with DTC P0326 Knock Sensor System Performance Set (Install PCM Calibration)


2000 - 2002 Saturn S-Series vehicles equipped with manual transaxies (MP2/MP3) built up to and including VIN 2Z258983 or automatic transaxles (MP6/MP7) built up to and including VIN 2Z263777.


Some customers may comment about the engine lacking power when accelerating and/or engine hesitation while driving.


This condition may be caused by the PCM misinterpreting normal engine noise/vibration as spark knock resulting in unnecessary ignition timing retard.


To correct this condition continue with procedure in this bulletin

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Great do I have to get this done at the dealership or is it something I or a mechanic can do?
the dealer is were you get the pcm calibration done, they have access to the software.
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