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Continental: Bentley..GT...water stains on my leather dashboard

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I have a 2008 Bentley Continental GT. I had the windows tinted 2 days ago. I just noticed what appear to be water stains on my leather dashboard. They look like condensation stains, but have messed up the leather and have a slightly indented texture, so they can't just be wiped clean. I don't know if it's some defect in the condensation system or whether it was caused by the tinters.
Hello there

This issue sounds like it was caused by the window tinters when applying the tint they use a non solven spray they call it an application layer.

This wets the window then they apply the film to the window this then allow them to wipe out the air from between the glass and film.

The issue you have is you dont know what they used to do this, weather it be a special liquid or just a dish washing liquid and water mix.

The best bet is to call the tinters and ask what liquid was used and the best way to go about removing the mark if it can be.

As it would be foolish to recommend a method of removal with out knowing what they used as an applicator.

Before you do this i would contact your insurance company with your intentions as they may want to contact the tinters and resolve the issue.

Its always funny how trades persons go out of there way to assist when pushed by an insurance company.

If you have any more questions please feel free to ask

Thank You
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