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1998 cutlass ciera: fault codes..mass air , has 85,000 miles

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1998 cutlas ciera 3.8ltr , not running , fault codes pulled : 12 , 13 , 24 , then 3 quick flashes , car smells like its flooding out , just recently replaced coolant sensor , plugs , wires , battery , mass air flow , car was just running like new , has 85,000 miles


please explain to me how and when it first started giving trouble



Customer: replied 6 years ago.
first time , pulled up to stop and while waiting for light , car died , started right back up , idle ran at 3500 rpm then droped off car then started running really rough and died , would not restart , smelled real strong of gas , discussed with jhoop , online when this happened , pulled codes , he told me to replace coolant sensor , i did so , car ran for a few months , took a drive to other side of mountian , then second time started , hello , doing same as before , with codes : 12 , 13 , 24 , 3 quick flashes , the wierd thing is the car today was running fine then again


i think you have a bad crank sensor..these will do this when they start going bad..this is located near the harmonic balancer...also remove the ignition control module[this is under the coils,take it to auto zone or most other auto parts stores,they can test the icm for free


Customer: replied 6 years ago.
is there a way to bypass the crank sensor to be sure that is what it is , carburated cars dont need this sensor to run , is there a way to disconnect it


this 98 must have the crank way around check the can cause this also


Customer: replied 6 years ago.
is the crank sensor basicly serve as the distributer

that and the icm work as the distributer...


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Customer: replied 6 years ago.
you are welcome
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
could i have a bad ecu , , started car engine rpm at 2900 , engine light stayed on steady, car died engine light staued on , tried to start car , no start , turned ignition off and waited a moment , turned key on and no light at all , turned key off , then back on and engine light flashed 1 time and nothing , the same two more times , gave up for moment and removed code reader , started car it ran normal for a moment then idle droped real low engine backfired and died , turned key off inserted code readerturned key on , gives code 12 repeadedly , you hear fans on & off click-click-click , lights out ,


yes,,the ecu could cause this,,,but,try the crank sensor and have the icm checked


Tim's Auto Repair and 10 other Car Specialists are ready to help you

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