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2001 Dodge: automatic transmission..shift into overdrive...modulator

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We have a 2001 Dodge 2500 Ram Diesel P/U with an automatic transmission. It will not shift into overdrive. We have been told that it needs a pressure modulator valve. Does this sound correct. We want to repair it ourselves without spending alot of money. What do you suggest?
hi this problem is cause by the overdrive solenoid and is located on the valve body , if you done a service on the transmission before you should have no problems doing the O/D solenoid.
Overdrive Solenoid
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
How do we repair this? Can this part be replaced?
yes the part can be replace but the valve body has to be removed to replace the overdrive is the valvebody removel procidure ones you remove the valve bodi then the soleenoid can be replace.

The valve body can be removed for service without having to remove the transmission assembly.
The valve body can be disassembled for cleaning and inspection of the individual components.
The only replaceable valve body components are:

  • Manual lever.
  • Manual lever washer, seal, E-clip, and shaft seal.
  • Manual lever detent ball.
  • Throttle lever.
  • Fluid filter.
  • Pressure adjusting screw bracket.
  • Governor pressure solenoid.
  • Governor pressure sensor (includes transmission temperature thermistor).
  • Converter clutch/overdrive solenoid assembly and harness.
  • Governor housing gasket.
  • Solenoid case connector O-rings.
  1. Shift transmission into NEUTRAL.
  2. Raise vehicle.
  3. Remove gearshift and throttle levers from shaft of valve body manual lever.

  1. Disconnect wires at solenoid case connector (Fig. 263).
  2. Position drain pan under transmission oil pan.
  3. Remove transmission oil pan and gasket.
  4. Remove fluid filter from valve body.
  5. Remove bolts attaching valve body to transmission case.
  6. Lower valve body enough to remove accumulator piston and springs.
  7. Work manual lever shaft and electrical connector out of transmission case.

  1. Lower valve body, rotate valve body away from case, pull park rod out of sprag, and remove valve body (Fig. 264).



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