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1993 mazda: the oil sensor went out

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i have 1993 mazda rx7. the oil sensor went out. i bought one on line that was described
as being for my car. after installing new sensor, still not showing any oil pressure. hooked
up manual gauge and had 50-100 psi pressure. car would run but check engine light came
on and read low oil pressure on computer and power cut way back. reinstalled new sensor
and left manual gauge connected. manual gauge still read 50-100 psi but sensor gauge
read 0 and check engine light came on and power still cut back. my question is, did i buy
the wrong sensor or is there something else i could check for or do to remedy my problem?
yesCustomer I believe you purchased the wrong sensor, it is not communicating with the ecm as it should,and the computer is therefore retarding the timing. thus poor performance you have a oil level and and oil pressure sensor, iM not sure which one you purchased but you probably have to do the other. where was the location of the one you installed, on the left side of the oil pan or on the left rear of the engine?
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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
i am going to install a mazda oil pressure sensor to be sure it is the right one. if that
doesn't fix the problem, is there a troubleshooting procedure you would recommend?
I'll do some more research, and when your done post back with your findings