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no fire and no gas whats wrong?

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no fire and no gas whats wrong?

ck the 5 volt reference to the sensors and does the tach register the rpms while cranking it?

Tests/Procedures:1. Verify that the check engine light comes on with the key in the on position. If not, check the Engine Control Module (ECM) powers and grounds.

2. Check the camshaft and crankshaft position sensor signals. The crankshaft position sensor produces an AC voltage signal and the camshaft position sensor produces a 0-5 volt square wave signal. If either sensor has no signal inspect the wire harness for open or shorted wires between the sensor and the ECM.

3. If still no problem found, check for a shorted 5 volt reference on the Blue/White wire at the throttle position sensor or chassis acceleration sensor. If all test good the ECM may be faulty.
Potential Causes:Crankshaft Position (CKP) Sensor
ECM Ground
ECM Power Supply
Open Wire
Shorted Wire
Tech Tips:If the crankshaft position sensor signal is good the ECM should display an RPM reading while cranking the engine.

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