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2004 lincoln aviator: intake..intermittent..acceleration / speeds

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My 2004 lincoln aviator has been diagnosed with an intake mainfold tuning valve issue - which is causing intermittent, brief hesitations at acceleration / speeds of 40 - 60mph. Is there any aftermarket product I can spray in the mainfold / put in the tank to ungum the valve? The dealer wants 1100 to replace. Others have indicated the valve can be cleaned.
Hello,i would check with your local independent shops as some of these shops may have a carbon cleaning machine,this machine uses a sprayer that inserts into the throttle body inlet and when the car is running the machine is turned on and spray/cleaner is enetered through the throttle body,this spray breaks up gum and carbon build up in the intake and the valves.This would be the best way to go about it,this service i wouldnt think would cost anymore then $60 to have done.As for a spray you can purchase and use im not aware of any decent spray that would work from a parts store but you may want to check with a local parts store to see if they recommend one,the machine would be the best way to go,it may free up the tunning valve with this machine.I hope this info helped,if you need anything else let me know,Thanks Pete
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Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Pete, thanks for the info.. It seems like this would be a valuable service. Do you have any shop recommendations? Is there a technical term for what the carbon cleaning service is called?


Thanks in advance - David

im not to sure on the technical name but i know its a carbon cleaning machine for the intake and valves,you should be able to ask the shops when you check around if they have a carbon cleaning machine for the intake and valves,alot os shops have these.I would recommend an independeent shop as most dealers dont carry thisd machine even a quick lube or jiffy lube place may carry this machine.I hope this helped,if you feel satisfied please click the acccept answer button as this is how i get paid,Thanks Pete