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Se..I jump it no sound..but when the Flatbed tow truck drop..Nuetral

Resolved Question:

My 2005 Land Rover LR3 Se will not start. It's silence when I turn the key. Just one week ago it did the same thing, even after I jump it no sound..but when the Flatbed tow truck drop the vehicle to Land Rover dealeship and it was on Nuetral and it started. Now it's doesn't start again?
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Car
Expert:  danny replied 7 years ago.
Is your starter clicking but not turning over?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Can not start my 2005 Land Rover Lr3, When i insert the key and turn there's no sound.
Expert:  danny replied 7 years ago.
ok I will be right back with you.
Expert:  danny replied 7 years ago.

I am truly thinking that there is a short or a corroded wire. There may be a ground not connecting also. But here are the trouble shooting tips for your landrover.


Engine does not turn over when attempting to start
Check the battery state of charge and condition. If the dash lights are not visible or very dim when turning the ignition key on, the battery has either failed internally or discharged, the battery cables are loose, excessively corroded or damaged, or the alternator has failed or internally shorted, discharging the battery. Charge or replace the battery, clean or replace the battery cables, and check the alternator output.
Check the operation of the neutral safety switch. On automatic transmission vehicles, try starting the vehicle in both Park and Neutral. On manual transmission vehicles, depress the clutch pedal and attempt to start. On some vehicles, these switches can be adjusted. Make sure the switches or wire connectors are not loose or damaged. Replace or adjust the switches as necessary.
Check the starter motor, starter solenoid or relay, and starter motor cables and wires. Check the ground from the engine to the chassis. Make sure the wires are not loose, damaged, or corroded. If battery voltage is present at the starter relay, try using a remote starter to start the vehicle for test purposes only. Replace any damaged or corroded cables, in addition to replacing any failed components.
Check the engine for seizure. If the engine has not been started for a long period of time, internal parts such as the rings may have rusted to the cylinder walls. The engine may have suffered internal damage, or could be hydro-locked from ingesting water. Remove the spark plugs and carefully attempt to rotate the engine using a suitable breaker bar and socket on the crankshaft pulley. If the engine is resistant to moving, or moves slightly and then binds, do not force the engine any further before determining the problem.


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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
sorry for the delay was heading home with the taxi..
Anyway the car has been used for hauling my 18ft boat about five six times max but I don't remember submerging the vehicle into the water.. shouldn't the Land rover be made for that anyway? I tried checking the battery conectors and there's no signs of corrosion and the battery is in very good shape with plenty of sparks. Like I mention before that the vehicle did not start just a week ago the same way but somehow when we arrived at the dealer it started when we roll the vehicle off the flatbed tow truck wwhen I press the hydrualic button? I try doing the same thing on neutral, parked, drive, reverse today and it didn't work. Because the car started the last time the dealer could not find nothing wrong to diagnose it. My question is does the sensors have the capability to not let the vehicle start because they are not properly fuctioning? If it was the starter or alternator it would star perfectly for the whole week?
Expert:  danny replied 7 years ago.
If the vehical was under aprptection mode it would still turn over. So its not doing this on purpose.
Expert:  danny replied 7 years ago.
What did you youspend the 600 on?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I spent $335 to tow on a flatbed for the suv to the nearest town that have a Land rover dealer and $210 for diagnosed and $120 car rental.

I need all the ammunition I can get to help narrow down the problem to this engine not starting so that I don’t repeat the same routine as last time where nothing gets fix and I get stuck with the Suv because it decide to work again when we drop it off today at the dealer.
I want to make sure this will never repeat again and make it the last time I take it there for this certain symptom.

Like I mention before that the
vehicle did not start just a week ago the same way but somehow when we arrived at the dealer it started when we roll the
vehicle off the flatbed tow truck when I press the hydraulic button? I try doing the same thing on neutral, parked, drive,
reverse and battery wire today and it didn't work. Because the car started the last time the dealer could not find nothing wrong to diagnose

Don't get me wrong you are helping me alot on your answers but I need more answer to make it work this time when I bring it in.
I hate to trade it in if it was only a sensor issue that only cost $100.?? And the dealer pretend not to notice.. I know a few mechanic and dealer that does that for a living.

Expert:  danny replied 7 years ago.
Do you know what the 210 was spent on at the dealer? If I come back with the same answerr as your dealer you wont be happy.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
The tech said his hourly charge is $80 per hour x2 plus the $50 computer scaning and diagnosing.

If the egnition key on the steering wheel wire is bad would it stop it from starting? Would it be Silent when key is turn? That can be one other symptom to look at.

it doesn't seem to be a engine problem it more a electrical witch is alot harder to track unless the tech that they have really knows what they are doing?
Expert:  danny replied 7 years ago.

Yes Thats why I have suggested going over your wires. pulling out on one of them while trying to start it will tell you. if it wont start when you pull out and then it does when you push in then it is a loose connection. For example, Today at work one of our bus drivers came in when the stop arm would not go out. But then it started working when he showed me. Then it would not go back in. There is a module and a motor in there and two different fuse locations. I slapped around on the box and around the stop arm thinking it was a short. I couldnt get it to power back on. So I took the box off and when I did the stop arm started working. before I got it all the way off. So I started to inspect the wires behind thewre in the harness, then as I was pulling out on the wires a connection that was not plugged all the way in appeared. So i pushed the connection til it clipped back in. From then on I could not get the stop arm not to work so I but the box back up and tested it 20 more times. It was the problem. This is the way your mech has to treat this ignition. and he can test the ignition with a ohm meter to make sure its not bad or it is bad. With that school bus I cant send it out like that or a child could be killed. I wish there was that much concern for your land rover.


Thanks Dan

Customer: replied 7 years ago.


you were always very helpful from the begaining it just my lack of knowledge on vehicles symptoms. I got very frustrated and went back to the vehicle and turn the keys on and off very hard and slow continuestly for about 8 minutes and it started. yea. it started??? But, Now that could be good and bad because we are back to point A where there nothing wrong with the car so there is no direction for the diagnose. I'm concern on the ignition wiring and going bad. Because of this situation what do you think is the real problem? I'm still at work and keep the car running until my spouse pick up the vehicle to my lgarage. Now when I drop off to the dealer tomorrow am what will be the best five( from 1-5) most important checks I need to ask the dealer tech to inspect that would be worth my money for sensor failer or missed firing wires?


Since we have no engine lights to go with and vehicle is working.


Expert:  danny replied 7 years ago.
I agree its bad that it is working but you may have to leave it there for several day's Just have them start it 6 to 8 times a day. And that two hours of diagnoses should be refunded back towards fixing this problem. I have to agree its stinks for a mech to get a job to fix when its not broke at the time b ut they can still try to cause it to happen. Its inbetween the starter and the ignition. It could be the fuse holder too. THey just have to make it happen.

Thanks Dan
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Thanks for your knowledge..
It really prepare me with some ammunition to assure that they take care of it this time since it seem like I actually sound would notice if they didn't try to make it work.
Expert:  danny replied 7 years ago.
Your welcome.

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Thanks Dan
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