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Saab 9-3 SE. How do I remove shifter etc to replace the shift

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Saab 9-3 SE. How do I remove shifter etc to replace the "shift guide plate" (this is the flexible trim on the gear shifter.)
Replacement part looks like a wrist watch strap. Saab guy called it a jalaisco.
Seems I have to remove shifter and fascia (Car is Saab 9-3 Automatic convertible 2002).

Hello! The part you are replacing is called a "jalousie" (pretty silly, I must say!)


The shifter bezel will pop up, be carefull and use a plastic pry tool if you have one.


You will then need to dismantel the shifter handle. With the shifter in Nuetral, you will need to look through the front and locate the screw down inside are remove. Seperate the handle.


You will then need to de-solder the sport switch, since there isn't a connection. Then remove the retainer just under the button and pull the shifter off.




Pictures are difficult to post for Saab procedures, so if there is a specific step you need help with, I will be glad to help!

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