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car, the odometer was in kms and the rpm gage was going crazy

Customer Question

hi yesterday i came home from work in the morning and my car was fine. odometer was in miles and the rpm gage worked fine. when i woke up in the afternoon and started the car, the odometer was in Km's and the rpm gage was going crazy up and down the whole time the car was on. the idiot lights for low tire pressure and oil change dont come on anymore when i turn the key on either. Anyone tell me what happend, and how i can fix it. i tried disconnecting the battery but this didnt do anything but mess up my clock. Help! bob
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Car
Expert:  Joel replied 7 years ago.

There can be several things that may be wrong.

The dash cluster itself may have gone bad. Try tapping on the top of the dash with the car running to see if you can get the problem to go away, change, etc. this would indicate a bad cluster. Not to say it can be bad and this test not do anything.

Another possibility is a bad Body Control Body Module (BCM). The BCM controls many dash gauge and indicator function, but not english to metric.

Really no way you can test it yourself without a scanner that is capable of controlling dash functions and looking at input data.