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Need to change the vacuum line hose on a 2000 land rover discovery

Customer Question

need to change the vacuum line hose on a 2000 land rover discovery II...

How much should this cost??

Can I do it myself? Is it hard?
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Car
Expert:  oliver replied 7 years ago.
which hose are you replacing? what are the components on each end?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

here is all I know...Im debating if I should purchase this discovery for $1700 would it be a good deal...




Black 2000 Discovery II for sale in uptown - 150,000 miles

This was a great truck for me for years until I bought a new car and thought I could juggle a second vehicle and stopped driving it. I have greatly reduced the private party sales price to compensate for the work that would need to be done to turn it into a great daily driver. In the interest of minimizing wasted time I am going to describe everything that is wrong with the vehicle so there are no surprises. It needs new tires, one has gone flat and cracked since the vehicle has been sitting and the others are on their way out as well. Right before I parked it the vehicle developed a minor misfire that my mechanic diagnosed as a cracked vacuum line, this has not been repaired. It needs a new battery, this one has gone dead from sitting and most likely reversed a cell and as a result won't take a charge. If you jump the vehicle it runs all systems on its own, so the alternator is just fine. Finally, someone decided to steal a headlight recently so it is in need of a RF headlight. Below is a list of pros and cons for the vehicle as I see them.

4.0 Liter V8 XXXXX
Black with all gray leather interior
18" upgraded allow rims
4 Wheel independent air ride suspension with on board air compressor
Rear of vehicle can be raised 6 inches with air bags to increase clearance
Power locks
Power windows
2 Power sunroofs
Safari windows
Power seats
Dual rear jump seats, seats 7
Original land rover floor mats
6 disc changer
Powered iPod hook up
Steering wheel controls for stereo
Harmon Kardon stereo system
Full tow package
Roof racks
Hydraulic step to access roof rack
Rear mounted full size spare with matching rims
Comes with all original tools, bottle jack and owners manual

Missing headlight
Cracked vacuum line
Dead or dying battery
Needs new tires

Expert:  oliver replied 7 years ago.

it sounds like a good deal, i would verify the minor misfire diagnosis as a vacuum line by bringing a mechanic to look at it, if it is a vacuum line, then that is an esay fix, and the trucks options compared to price are very worth it. if i knew where the truck was i would try to go to purchase it myself for that price.....

a vacuum line replacement should not cost more than a 20 dollars max for the hose, replacement, after the location is verified, you may be able to hear it leak if you listen closely, a battery for 100 dollars and new tires for 450 to 1000 dollars, depending on which ones and where you get them. sounds like a good deal...

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
could I change it myself??
Expert:  oliver replied 7 years ago.
yes. the vacuum hose will be located either on an inner fender well under the hood, or on the top of the engine under the air cleaner assy., depending on which hose it is that is cracked. the hose will either have some clamps that hold it on or it will simply push onto the ports.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
im just trying to see if I can figure it out myself without having to bring a mechanic to it..

What's the most that you would pay? It does have 150k miles on it. But it does look good and the guy really needs to sell it.

How realiable are those cars? I'm in the hot Louisiana area!
Expert:  oliver replied 7 years ago.

they are very reliable cars, land rover is a highly reputable name. before purchasing the vehicle though, i would get a carfax report for safety reasons, verify no accidents in the vehicle, and then i would find the vacuum leak and seal it temporarily to verify this is the cause. knowing if the vacuum line is leaking is the only worry i would have about this purchase, find the leak and verify its the cause of the misfire.