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Pete NelsonJr.
Pete NelsonJr., ASE Certified Technician
Category: Car
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Experience:  10 years Saab/GM experience
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2002 SAAB: I did find a set screw missing..convertible..manually..lift

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Hi Pete:

I did find a set screw missing in the universal joint of my 2002 SAAB 9-3 convertible. After replacing the set screw I tried retracting the top myself and found that contrary to my wifes analysis, the tonneau does not open or close automatically at all. All other functions other that the tonneau movement occur properly but I have to manually lift and lower the tonneau in the sequence to make things work properly. I know there is a "tonneau motor" located in the passenger side of the trunk which is made up of linkages and a cylinder, is there a way I can determine if the issue is in the linkage and cylinder or the controller itself? Or do I need to turn this over to a SAAB expert and if so what can I expect the cost of labor for analysis and repair to be?


Hello Dan, the tanneau motor is hinged and has an emergeny release.Basically you have to get to the motor and re-seat it and it should lock back into place. Hopefully if there's no problems with the motor or linkage, it will re-engadge and funtion properly.But to do this, you have to take the carpet trim down in the trunk on the right side.If it still does not work, you'll have to remove it and see if there's problems with the drive.If there is Saab has a repair kit available to replace linkage.I hope this helps and good luck sir.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I found the shear pin in the universal joint to be broken. I have removed the universal joint and the pin parts from the joint however I am having problems removing the pin from the drive shaft. Any suggestions for removel would be appreciated?

I will approve the funds transfer after I replace the pin.


Its been a long time since i changed one, beating on it with a hammer and chisel may just mushroom it and make it tighter in the shaft.if a little gentle persuasion won't get it out, you may be drillin my friend.I'm going back to work now, I'll talk to the old wise one(my dad) and ask him.Good luck
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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Hi Pete:

I ended up drilling out the pin and replacing it. I cycled the top through two cycles without a hitch and expect it fixed the problems. I will keep you in mind for any future issues I have with my new SAAB. Thanks for all your help and good luck.

Thanks again,