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99 Rav4: AWD..cyl..110K, 4+ months ago, passed CA SMOG

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Hello, ok, let's try.   ..... '99 Rav4 AWD 4 cyl, performance is now horrible; 110K, 4+ months ago, passed CA SMOG without adjustments needed (i.e. ass-u-me: timing belt is not the solution? :-)
currently 16.5 MPH vs original approx 23-24. Soluton? rebuild, purchase Japan 30K plus engine, diy 6 cyl swap out? (I might be dreaming :-)   Ok, your turn..... the ideal solution.... :-) Thanks!
Thank you for trusting Just Answer with your Toyota question. Ok, first thing here, do you have a check engine light on?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
No, I ran a test with INNOVA 3130 about a month ago after the historical 3mo prior CA SMOG test NTF (no trouble found). So no 'check' engine, and no 'errors' reported by INNOVA 'scan'..... Hope this helps :-) and thank you..... cheers! Roger
OK, so has the power been reducing gradually over time, or is this something you have noticed recently? You mentioned timing belt, has it been replaced? What about tuneup history, and with what brand of spark plugs? The 6 cylinder swap you mention is probably not feasible. Anything can be done with enough cash, but it will get real expensive once you factor in harnessess, computers, etc.....
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Understood, good answers require good info., else garbage in/garbage out. So true.   I'd have to say that I've noticed the decreased performance over the past 18 months or so. One note, as to why I am inquiring... it's an OK vehical (sp), interior/exterior very good condition (my wife drove it :-). Now that I've inherited it, and it's just back/forth to work (about 9 miles each way @ 85-90 usually) I figure I might as well keep it going. All's I need, or will need, is some confidence that I can get another 6 years out of it.
Back to your question..... 1st mistake :-) I take care of it myself: oil every 4K, filter 8K, spark plugs 30K, don't recall which specific brand/detail of last replacement, but always end up paying the extra few bucks for 'highest' available quality. (Kragen) [not that I actually believe it, but, hey! who am I to 'contest' it without further research? :-)     Nothing ever goes wrong with it, it's a toyota. FAITH= My '90 camry, 4cyl, 225K when given to my brother. Drive CA > WI, still did 105 in Utah, always hit 90 without too much persuasion. Thus, my 'prejudice', in this case a positive "prejudice".     BTW, thanks for helping.... Sincerely, Roger
alright, first thing here. For your Toyota to run best use only nippondenso, or NGK plugs. Nippondenso part number PK20TR11, NGK part number BKR6EKPB11 . 2 things come to mind here for the power. First is fuel pressure, but not likely if you don't see other problems. Most likely, if services have been done on time and there aren't any compression problems or anything like that, the engine is sound, so you have a deterioration with some computer input (a sensor). The most likely things are MAP sensor, and O2 sensors. However, the car should have a diagnostic scan to verify the operation of these sensors. The other thing to consider is to have a simple fuel system cleaning, where the throttle body and intake are cleaned. This can be an inexpensive fix if you are having excessive carbon buildup. Without doing some more diagnosis with this vehicle, I'm not sure how much more information I can give you.
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