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1998 olds aurora: clicking noise..relay..jump start..a module

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My 1998 olds aurora was in my drive way and the front and rear lights would flash on and then go off, this went on for hours with the car off and not running--I started the car turned the headlight switch on and off but it did not stop the problem, I heard a low clicking noise in the dash making a click noise like a relay sound but I could not stop it from making the noise--I knew the next morning I would have a dead battery and I did. I got a jump start and the car kicked over but the lights in the front and rear continued to go on and off, can you tell me what it could be ? We replaced a black box called a module behind the dash but it is still doing it...what can I do ?? Thanks Jules [email protected]
This vehicle has daytime running lamps which incorporates a light sensor (usually mounted forward the dash where it can sense sunlight). This sensor is most likely the problem. The only other option might be that the factory installed alarm is continuously running. Either way it's best to bring it in to a qualified shop.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
would this sensor be a problem even with the car not running ???
Honestly, that's a good question. Let me check the schematic on it. I'll be right back with you.

Julesa, by the looks of it, it's more probable that the alarm is activating the lights. You might not have noticed this because it's possible there is no siren connected.

Since you've already told me that your battery has died, I'll have to assume that disconnecting the battery won't help reset the fault. the best thing to do is find someone---or buy a cheap one at a parts/tool store---with a stethoscope. This will help you locate the relay (probably for the alarm).

Once you unplug it see if the lights go out for good. If they do, you'll have to test the hot wire going IN to the relay to make sure it doesn't shudder juice to the relay. This is done with a test light. If the hot wire is constant, than your problem lies with the relay, of which should contain a part number on its housing. If power wire does sputter (on and off) juice, than you have an electrical problem beyond the capabilities of home repair.

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Just an amend um here. If you cant get your hands on the test equipment right away, you might try another approach. while you're hearing the clicking relay, start removing the fuses one at a time from the fuse box. if the clicking stops and you've found the fuse that feeds it, you can reference the number fuse to the owners manual (usually tells you what that fuse feeds) and you have it narrowed down to one or two circuits. Good luck!!!

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
after checking many things we discovered that the battery was low and that caused the lights to flicker on and off for what ever the reason, we gave it a good charge and it cured the problem. The battery is only a year old and I don't drive the car that many miles a week, so we think we found it, so far so good, if the battery goes low again I will probably have to replace it and it has a long warranty, thanks for your help.......Jules
Your welcome, I'm glad you didn't have anything more serious than that. I still belive the lights going on and off was the factory alarm trying to reset itself. What threw me off is that the battery had enough juice to turn over the engine. Anyhow, glad it was just the battery.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
we had another incident with a cadillac eldorado a few years ago where the trunk lid would open while the car was parked and we thought something was wrong with the power trunk release or one of us was hitting the key fob without realizing it....but that also turned out to be the battery being weak, electronics do some strange things but it always pays to test the volts or the easiest things first.......a good lesson learned...
Some of the things you've described seem like hauntings lol. I did have a customer once who had a dead cell in his battery, and only his radiator fan and interior lights would function. Out of all the other components, only those two operated. Ya never know