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1999 Saab: 5 turbo 6 cyl SE -- changing crank sensor - what

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1999 Saab 9-5 turbo 6 cyl SE -- changing crank sensor - what do I have to remove to get to the crank sensor?
To remove

1Remove the manifold's heat shield.
2Remove the bolt securing the heat shield and sensor.

3Remove the sensor and O-ring.
4Trace the sensor's connecting lead and detach the retaining clip from the water pipe.
5Remove the connector from the holder.
6Unplug the connector.
7Change the sensor.

To fit

1Prepare the sensor so that the wiring runs alongside the water pipe. Change the O-ring as necessary and smear it with motor oil.
2Spray the connector with Kontakt 61 contact cleaner (part No. 30 21 763), assemble the connector halves and fit same in the holder.
3Secure the wiring with the retaining clip. Take care to ensure that the wiring is not pinched or damaged by the clip.

4Press in the sensor and screw it in place with the O-ring fitted together with the heat shield. Check that the O-ring is correctly positioned so that the sensor bottoms in the engine block, as there is otherwise a risk of the sensor's mounting lug breaking off.
5Apply Molykote 1000 (part No. 30 20 271) or the equivalent to the retaining bolt for the manifold's heat shield and fit the heat shield in place.
6Start the engine and check for leaks.
Tightening torque 50 Nm (36 lbf ft)
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
have removed heat shield, and sensor location still out of sight. Does 1999 SE turbo have differing engine configurations?
The SE and the Wagon are the only 2 9-5 models that offer a 6cyl, and they are the same engine. according to the procedure, after removing manifold heat sheild, there should be a little heat sheild surronding the sensor. the hold down bolt for the little heat sheild is also the bolt for the sensor.
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