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I have a used 1994 BMW 325i and want to change the oil, but do not have a manual.

Resolved Question:

Can I change this myself or do I have to go to a shop? Where can I buy a used manual?

Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Car
Expert:  CarDoc replied 8 years ago.
This is a very easy oil change.

1) raise car. Make sure to use stands or ramps
2) loosen oil cap
3) unscrew center 13mm-head bolt from oil filter cannister, and slightly lift up on the lid so that the oil will drain out of the cannister into the oil pan
4) unscrew 17mm-head drain plug
5) drain all oil
6) use new drain plug washer. This will come in a good name-brand kit (Mann, Mahle, Hengst)
7) remove old oil filter cartridge from cannister.
8) replace cannister o-ring
9) install new cartridge
10) reassemble lid and bolt
11) add 6.5 quarts of oil (give or take a few tenths)

The best meanual that you can buy if you want to do your own work is by Robert Bentley Publishing. Here is a page with everything available for your car:

Sometimes they come up on Ebay as well.
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