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Transtech, transmission expert
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Rebuilt transfer case motor and new sensors

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I have a rebuilt transmission, new transfer case, new transfer case motor and new sensors. I can back up straight but when you back up and turn the wheel everything freezes up. WHY? So far the transmission shop can't fix it.
hello. does the vehicle also lock up going forward or is it just when you back up?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
only backing up
its odd that it only locks when backing. for now lets assume the transfer case is causing the problem. was it replaced with a new one or rebuilt? to verify the transfer case as the problem you can remove the front driveshaft to see if the problem goes away. if it does not go away than the problem is most likely in either the front or rear differential. if it does i would like to know if there are any codes in the computer. use a scanner to verify the transfer case clutches are comanded off when the problem occurs. you can also remove the transfer case shift motor to to know the clutches cannot be applied to see if the problem goes away. check the tires are all the same size and model. it only takes a small difference in size to cause a problem. also check the transfer case has the proper type fluid. gm auto trac II. I hope this helps. Let me know.
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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
The transfer case is new. When installed the transfer case motor is when the problem started. If you disconnect the electrical from the motor the car backs up fine. Please note that it lockes up only when you back up and turn the wheel. you can back up straight fine. Checking the internet i have found this to be a common problem but no one has a fix...

the fact the problem occurs when turing tells me the transfer case is locked in four wheel drive. the computer should keep the clutches unlocked until needed. its possible the reason it only hapens in reverse is because when the input shaft is turned in that direction it pushes the clutch drum tighter against the shift fork and motor. using a scanner or multimeter check the encoder on the motor to see if it is in the unlocked position when backing. if it is , is it possible to install a used motor that u know works? I'm thinking the motor could be holding pressure on the clutches even when in the unlocked position. if so the fix could be to increase the clearance on the clutch pack so the motor has to travel futher to apply the clutches. let me know

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