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Bendix wont engage the flywheel. It just whines when key is

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Bendix wont engage the flywheel. It just whines when key is turned on.
hello wayne and merry christmas to you as for your repair issue my professional opinion it sounds like your flex plate needs replaced if it has gotten warped it will cause the whining noise the only way to see if it is the flex plate is to remove the transmission and inspect it

let me ask you b4 i am done with your question may i ask you what type of transmission or vehicle is it
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
The car was starting but dragging somewhat for a day or so before it finally wouldn't start. I took the battery in and it was bad so I changed it. The starter was next and also tested bad. It seems that the bendix is not kicking in to engage the flywheel. Is the flexplate that you refer to the flywheel? I think if the flywheel was bad I would here the bendix engage but not be able to turn the engine.
the flex plate is on top of the flywheel in some transmissions wayne and it allows the bendix to fully extend and engage if it is warped the slightest then the bendixon the starter will not be able to fully engage causing it to make the whining sound instead of shooting out and hitting the flywheel teeth which cranks the motor over like it should be doing
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Shouldn't I be able to see the flexplate with the starter out of the car then if it would bind the bendix it must be located where the starter bolts to the engine. What if the starter is turned slightly even though bolted to the car it still isn't lining up properly?
the starter must line up perfectly the reason for this is because:

1.the starter also grounds itself to the transmission housing
2.the starter must be able to engage the flywheel level and straight or this will cause teeth to be knocked off the flywheel
3.if the starter got wired up wrong this will cause a closed circuit which could also cause the whining noise
4.if the ignition switch is going out this would cause low voltage to be sent to the starter which could cause a whining noise from not having enough volts
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
not sure how the starter could be hooked up wrong. There are only two connections. it sort of seems that the solenoid isn't getting enough voltage to kick the bendix in. can I measure that voltage somehow? I checked the connection with voltmeter and when key was turned the VM dropped to less than zero instead of giving me any voltage. Is that correct?
no it should not drop voltage see the ignition switch is where the voltage comes from to kick the starter on what you can do is check for resistance in the wiring with a multimeter and turn it to the ohm setting and put one lead on each end of te wire you are testing and look at the ohm load it should be 0 anything greater then 0 suggests that wire or electrical part needs to be replaced if it shows anything greater then 0 this is a short
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I am not having any luck. I feel like it is an electrical problem and can't seem to get to the bottom of it.
i am sure this is a bad ignition switch i have checked into my repair books and repair software that i use often and everything i have checked into is all pointing to your ignition switch i am positive if you replace your ignition switch yourproblem will be fixed i have read over our messages and have positively identified your problem as the ignition switch
please hit the accept button and thanks for using just answer
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Well I cant replace the ignition switch today. Hopefully that is it. I will hit accept for your time spent in analyzing the problem. I just hope that is the answer.
it will fix the prblem trust me wayne i have been the aut repair business for a while and have had alot of schooling in auto repair i am so sure of my answer my email [email protected] ifyou have any other questions just email me ok thanks for hitting accept and merry christmas
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