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94 Mazda 626: cyl..manual trans..the car stalling on the highway

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I have a '94 Mazda 626, 4 cyl. manual trans. I am having problems with the car stalling on the highway. it runs great, timing isn't an issue. When driven in the city, it seems fine, but after about an hour of highway driving, it stalls. It usually restarts, but sometimes it takes awhile.

I would recommend to check for codes.

Input and output device failures stored in PCME memory as diagnostic trouble code numbers can be displayed on the dash mounted malfunction indicator light (MIL).

NOTE: PCME continuously checks for input device malfunctions. However, it only checks for output device malfunctions in a 3 second period after the ignition switch is turned "ON," or TEN terminal of data link connector is grounded. If there is more than one trouble code present, lowest number code is displayed first, followed by subsequent codes in numerical order.


Warm engine to operating temperature and turn ignition "OFF."
Install jumper wire between TEN and GND terminals of data link connector.
Turn ignition switch "ON."
If MIL illuminates for 3 seconds, goes off, and stays off, no codes are present.
If MIL illuminates, then starts flashing, record codes.
When all codes have been recorded, remove jumper wire.

Disconnect negative battery cable and depress brake pedal for at least 20 seconds. Reconnect battery cable.
Ensure engine is at normal operating temperature. Install jumper wire between TEN and GND terminals of data link connector.
Turn ignition switch "ON" and verify that no codes are displayed.

Customer: replied 8 years ago.

I'm not sure if I understand this. Once I make the connection between the ten and ground, will this solve the problem once I clear the PCME memory? I have had a couple mechs tell me that it's a distrributor problem. Are you saying that it may be as simple as clearing the PCME memory as instructed?






Sorry about that!


I may not have been clear.


I just want you to check for codes in the computer. This will lead us in the right direction.


It is possible that it is the distributor. But I would rather have us replace it for a code rather than just guessing.

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