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2002 Mazda MPV: under power..the door ajar/open alarm (fast beeping)

Resolved Question:

2002 Mazda MPV with dual power sliding doors. Passenger side door stopped working for no apparent reason and would not open or shut under power. Pressing door switch results in setting off the door ajar/open alarm (fast beeping). Driver side door operates normally. When opening the passenger door manually, I can see that a cable in the track is not being taken up as expected. Dealer says that both the control module and motor for the power door shorted to ground and both need to be replaced for $1800 ($1300 in parts alone). Do you agree that this is likely and if so how do I access these two components in the vehicle and is there a much cheaper source for parts? We can not spend that kind of money to repair a power door but my wife absolutely hates not having it working. Are there other things I should look for that may be causing this?
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Car
Expert:  Jerry replied 8 years ago.

Hello and welcome to Just, Super mechanic here. About your vehicle.


It is not unusual for the module to get burnt out when the motor(s) shorts out. However, the price of the parts that I have on hand differ quite a bit. You might be better off to find a used one at like a salvage yard that will work on it.


Here is what the data base is showing for the prices along with the locations.


PartOEM PartPrice
Power Sliding Door Module
Control ModuleL081733H2$49.05


PartOEM PartPrice
Power Sliding Door Motor
Power Sliding Door Motor





Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Super Mechanic- thanks for the quick reply. In the diagram, I see that there is a separate easy closure motor and controller as well. For the passenger side, this is an additional symptom. With the Power Off switch depressed (putting both doors in manual operation mode), when manually shutting the driver's door you can still hear an see what I assume is the easy closure motor finishing closing the door. The passenger door (the one with the problem), does not do this anymore. Is it possible that all 4 components (2 controllers and 2 motors) are bad or does one set going bad interupt power to the rest? Is there a way to troubleshoot these components to avoid buying them all? Also, would you recomend purchasing the manual on to see how to access these components without messing up the interior?
Expert:  Jerry replied 8 years ago.

It would be hard to pinpoint each item with a problem because the module will have a built in circuit breaker that will normally shut down the other components in the system when either it is bad or there is a short to ground in one.


Yes, you might want to have an information base available when you do the job, alldata or mitchell are about the same. You might want to start with the door motor and see what it will do. I would have the other parts on hand anyhow, that way you will know if the easy closure motor starts working that you don't have to replace it. Then just go from there.

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